Versatile creates innovative power supply

TAC-PAK flyaway kit includes newly updated power supply with 35% runtime improvement (PRNewsfoto/308 SYSTEMS Inc)

FORT COLLINS, Colo., — Power is the Achilles heel of deployed personnel.  There can never be enough electrons supporting remote field operations. Laptops, satellite phones, routers all lose power too quickly when put to the test in deployed operations.  That is the challenge addressed by 308 SYSTEMS Inc during development of a new portable power supply.

“The vexing challenge was to create a highly efficient power supply, within a small form factor,” stated Mark Lueker, president of 308 SYSTEMS. “Our engineering team has performed spectacularly, creating a compact power supply which provides both battery management and multiple DC outlet voltage capabilities in an unheard of small form,” continued Mr. Lueker.

This new power supply gives future fly-away communication kits a significant 35 percent increase in power storage and a 65 percent improvement in power handling efficiency for the TAC-PAK, SATPAK, SAT-ON-MOVE and Flexiwatt mobile command and power systems developed by 308 SYSTEMS Inc.

These multiple form factor, custom-configured “mobile command in a briefcase” systems are custom-configured to meet specific agency field communication requirements, including linking satcom assets with field radios, cell phones and computers throughout the region or world.  These fly-away kits effectively turn any local vehicle into a “Mobile Command Center.”

Flexiwatt field power kit improves battery life by 35% using newly designed 308 SYSTEMS power supply

The extensive 308 SYSTEMS product line is now shipping with the amazing new power supply which represents the latest state-of-the-art high bandwidth mobile command/communication solutions from 308 SYSTEMS Inc.

About 308 Systems

For over 20 years 308 Systems has supplied governments around the world with a broad range of flyaway kit command and communication systems utilizing satcom/radio/cellular backhaul. This product lineup comes in a series of small man-portable and airline checkable packages.  These systems are completely customizable to meet the deploying agency’s unique needs.  Products address mobile networking and mobile command needs, logistics tracking, etc and have been successfully deployed at major disasters worldwide. These technical capabilities are complemented by a focus upon technical excellence, quality products, and uncompromised integrity.