VariFlight provides insight at IATA Aviation Data Symposium

VariFlight presents new aviation data platform at ADS (PRNewsfoto/Variflight)

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | November 2017

MIAMI — VariFlight, the leading aviation data service provider, is sharing its experience serving millions of customers and thousands of organizations within China’s aviation industry at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Aviation Data Symposium (the Symposium) in Miami. Its presentations and discussions are to providing insight into big data’s role in enhancing operational efficiency, reducing delays, and improving passenger experiences.

The Symposium is an excellent platform for international airlines, third-party data solution providers and leading organizations in the sector, allowing players to come together and work to solve industry challenges including distribution, passenger service and security.

“We are delighted to attend this Symposium,” said Zheng Hongfeng, CEO of VariFlight. “It’s a thrill for our team to be able to work with aviation and travel technology partners to better serve global flyers in an era where more accurate and transparent flight information is becoming an essential part for all travel-related businesses.”

VariFlight, the leading aviation data provider in APAC, is introducing the company’s experience in improving flight punctuality with case studies centered on Changshui Airport in Kunming, Yunnan Province where the company helped the airport to optimize ground operations efficiency with multi-dimensional data.

China‘s aviation industry is going through a remarkable growth period which calls for a series of potential improvements in flight punctuality, and ground services. According to an IATA report, the number of civil aviation aircraft in China has grown from 1,922 to 3,177 in the past five years, with annual flight time increasing from 6.19 million hours to 10.5 million hours. At this rate of development, IATA has predicted that China will become the world’s largest air transport market by 2022.

At the same time, supported by aviation data, the flight delay insurance business has expanded greatly in China. This automatic compensation mechanism allows passengers to be paid directly on their phones. Sales within this sector has grown 1,700% on major online travel agency websites in the past three years.

“New challenges come with rapid development, and as Chinese passengers have come to expect a better flying experience, VariFlight is preparing to offer Flight Information Service Center (the FISC), a valuable data sharing service plan for global airlines, airports and air traffic management agencies, through which customers will be able to gain access to relevant aviation data that we collected from all the domestic flights as the milestone we achieved in 2009.” said Zheng.

Through comprehensive data collection and analytics covering over 1,163 airline companies at 9,971 airports, the FISC will provide international partners with aviation data including global flight tracking, weather information and airport traffic to amplify the value of the data. By November 2017, over 600 international partners benefit from enormous aviation data and analysis to modify their operations and retrench their operational costs.

SOURCE Variflight