Two Texas Mega-Airports Rank in Top 10 For Customer Satisfaction

Airports in Texas’s largest cities continue to see higher rates of customer satisfaction, according to a report from J.D. Power and Associates out this week. It’s based on responses from 40,000 people who traveled through 64 North American airports over the last year.

Among 19 “mega airports” Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport ranks fifth, while Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport is seventh.

Of the 24 large airports in the study, Dallas’ Love Field, Austin’s Austin-Bergstrom International and Houston’s William P. Hobby all made the top 10.

San Antonio International Airport ranks 14th among 21 medium-sized airports. Mike Taylor with J.D. Power says the San Antonio airport provides a good example of how to improve the airport experience for travelers because it makes them feel like they’re in that city.

“So getting a sense of place to the airport really adds to the satisfaction, and that extends to the food, beverage and retail, because people are looking for experiences they can only get in San Antonio, or in Austin or in Dallas,” Taylor says.

Taylor says travelers J.D Power surveyed spend, on average, 56 minutes in the airport once they get through security, and are looking for unique experiences while they wait for their flights.

SOURCE: Texas Standard