Stay Safe, Respect the Ride

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | June 2018

Parents are always reminding their kids to be safe, especially during the summer with activities like swimming, biking and fireworks. DART is reminding kids of all ages of the things they can do to stay safe and respect their ride when taking transit.

Research from the American Public Transportation Association found that a transit trip is ten times safer than one in a car. During National Safety Month, DART is taking extra steps to get people where they want to go safely, and sharing tips for travelers while reminding them safety is everyone’s job. These 10 tips are good any time of year when riding DART, or any transit system your vacation plans may take you:

  1. Stop, look and listen for DART vehicles.
  2. Cross the street or track at designated crosswalks only.
  3. Do not text, talk or game on your mobile device while walking.
  4. Children should always exit the bus through the front door.
  5. Never walk, ride or play on or near railroad tracks.
  6. Always stand behind the white bumpy strips on rail platforms.
  7. Be careful when driving or turning across train tracks.
  8. Never try to beat a train through a crossing.
  9. No one should text, talk or game on their mobile devices while driving.
  10. Remember: Safety begins with you. Talk to your family.

Most DART rail stations and transit centers will be holding a “Safety Blitz” Tuesday, June 26, from 7-9 a.m. Agency employees will answer questions and help customers learn what they can do to be safe when riding. For more information go to