Santa Spreads Holiday Cheer at Frontiers of Flight Museum

By Cecilia Lenzen | DFW Newsflash | December 2019

Dallas — Holiday magic filled the air as Santa Claus flew into Frontiers of Flight Museum in a helicopter Sunday afternoon, Dec. 15 for a quick visit before his busiest day of the year. Children bounced eagerly in anticipation as Santa descended from the sky, covering their ears as the Airbus helicopter flew closer. 

Once Santa landed and stepped out, the children raced into his open arms, surrounding him with hugs and laughter. Mobbed by so many children, Santa could barely walk to his seat for pictures. 

Additionally, Superman and ‘Frozen’ characters Elsa, Anna and Kristoff visited and took pictures with children.

“‘Santa Day’ is an annual event at the museum,” Alicia Morgan, Frontiers of Flight Museum education and programs vice president, said. “The goal of the event is to create a fun, festive environment to bring families together for the holiday season. It’s a way to wrap up the year.” 

Each year, the museum attempts to offer something unique for the holiday season. Last year, Santa arrived in an airplane.

“It’s something new and exciting each year,” Morgan said. 

Grand Prairie resident Paula Ramirez jumped at the opportunity to take her son, Marcos (3) to try something unique. This is the first year Marcos understands the concept of Santa.  

“This is the year that he actually knows what’s going on,” Ramirez said. 

A fan of Disney movies and superheroes, Marcos was thrilled to take pictures with Elsa and Superman as well. 

“Santa was the highlight and seeing ‘Frozen’ and ‘Superman’ made it even more exciting for him,” Ramirez said. 

Dallas resident Brad Johnson brought his two sons, Kai (3) and Cole (2) to the event because of their love for Santa. 

“Any time he has a phone, he’s pretending to call Santa to tell him what he wants,” Johnson said. 

The boy’s grandfather, a Southwest Airlines inspector, inspired them with a love of planes, helicopters and flight, Johnson said. Attending a holiday event at a flight museum was a natural choice for the family. 

When Santa arrived in his helicopter, Kai rushed with the rest of the children to greet him with a hug. 

“He was so excited. He was so pumped to see Santa,” Johnson said. “When he found out Santa was here, he came running over and left us behind to catch up.” 

Children and their parents also built paper airplanes and other arts and crafts while enjoying punch and cookies. 

Elizabeth Vasquez brought her daughter Julia to see the popular Disney princesses. The 6-year-old girl has seen ‘Frozen’countless times. According to Vasquez, the chance to meet the characters in person could not have come at a better time. 

“She was like, ‘I’ve got to hug them,’” Vasquez said. 

Julia was almost as excited to see Superman as he scooped her up and lifted her into the air. Together, they clenched their fists toward the ceiling in a classic Superman pose as Vasquez snapped a picture.