Roseville WWII Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday, Shares Secrets to Long Life

On Saturday, WWII veteran and lifelong pilot Selmar Johansen celebrated his 100th birthday. 

ABC10’s Rob Asher was at the birthday celebration, where Johansen shared more about himself — and his daughter shared his secrets to a long life. 

“I’ve always had an airplane, ever since I was born I’d say,” Johansen said, chuckling. 

During WWII Johansen was a pilot and also taught others to fly. After the war he continued to fly as a captain with American Airlines, and says in total he amassed some 30,000 hours of flight time. 

When asked about her father’s secret to such a long life, Johansen’s daughter said, “He really has a routine down. He walks every day, he has his cocktails at 5 p.m. every day — one or two,” she said, laughing. “He lives for that 5 o’clock moment, his day is planned around it.”