Paradies Lagardère Wins Concessions Award at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Paradies Lagardère was awarded two new exciting travel essential locations at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Univision and Relay. Univision will be in Terminal C, while Relay, a new concept at the airport, will be in pre-security in Terminal D.

Paradies Lagardère carefully considered the airport’s objectives and goals and the needs of its travelers and employees to create the winning bid. Terminal C is the busiest terminal at DFW, and Terminal D is in the middle of a renovation and expansion. Both terminals serve international leisure travelers, and many of the traveler demographics at DFW regularly use technology. These concepts will address basic traveler and airport employee needs, as well as deliver customer-focused and engaging experiences utilizing innovation and technology.

“Paradies Lagardère is thrilled with the opportunity to continue to build upon our successful partnership with DFW airport,” said Gregg Paradies, president and CEO, Paradies Lagardère. “We’re confident these new concepts will not only serve traveler’s needs, but they will enjoy the fun technology we’ve put into the stores, including news in two languages on high-definition screens and the selfie screen in our Univision store, and the Flowbox screen in the Relay store.”

SOURCE: Avaition Pros