PAL-V awarded as the leading flying car company in the world

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | December 2017

RAAMSDONKSVEER, Netherlands,  — Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that this is a watershed moment, with PAL-V ushering in the next transformational shift in mobility, similar to the effect the Ford Model T had on automobiles in 1908.

The Need for New Mobility
Road traffic, increasing population and the increasing number of megacities are becoming a bigger challenge for commuters and governments. In the U.K. alone, the cumulative cost of traffic congestion between 2013 and 2030 is estimated to be 350 billion euro. With the arrival of the PAL-V Liberty in 2019, seamless fly-driving mobility becomes reality. With the need for new forms of mobility, Frost and Sullivan expects PAL-V to bring transformation not seen since the release of the Ford Model T. PAL-V is realizing a future where flying cars will be an integral part of personal mobility.

Starting with the PAL-V Liberty, the company brings a product that is more compact and more suitable for smart city roads than other competing concepts with large folding fixed-wings. With its range of 450 kilometers in flight, it is a practical vehicle for many applications. According to Frost & Sullivan, the gyroplane design makes PAL-V vehicles very easy and safe. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft which are prone to stalling, gyroplanes do not stall, which takes away the risks associated with this human error and encourages adoption for future mobility.

Market Research
As the personal flying mobility market is rapidly developing, Frost & Sullivan decided to research this market space. Frost & Sullivan has focused on the most promising applications. The research concluded that flying cars will initiate a new wave of business, services and revenue streams in the next decades.

The fact that PAL-V’s technologies are proven, that the product complies with existing regulations and has been launched commercially were important reasons to select PAL-V as the leading company in the industry. With a 10 for “Focus on Future” and a 9 for “Best Practices Implementation,” averaging 9.5, the company stood head and shoulders above the competition.

SOURCE PAL-V International B.V.