Moon Day presents STEM in fun ways

By Vaughn-zel Lloyd | DFW Newsflash | October 2017

Frontier Flight Museum in Dallas presented Moon Day: The Biggest Annual Space Exposition in Texas.

“This is our 9th year, and we always do it around July 20. Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon on July 20, (1969) which is the actual Moon Day,” CEO of Frontier of Flight Museum Cheryl Suttefield-Jones said. “We are expecting roughly 1,500 people, so it should be a full house all day.”

The event featured numerous Science, Technology, Engineering and Math demonstrations and activities from 30 exhibitors and speakers.

“STEM is so important in today’s world with everything centered around science, technology, engineering and math,” Sutterfield-Jones said. “It is in almost every career that’s in critical need of employees. We have a perfect opportunity to expose kids to all the different careers in aviation. Not everybody will become a pilot. We also need mechanics, marketing people and everything. We hope some [children] are going to be astronauts. We want to expose them to all of the opportunities out there.”

According to Sutterfield-Jones, the Moon Day exhibition differs from other space events in Texas.

“Those in the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can get their Girl Scout badge or Boy Scout patch while building rockets and launching them. It all ties into our mission, which is to educate, motivate and inspire the next generation in STEM,” Sutterfield-Jones said.

David Rowlins’ family enjoyed the exhibits.

“We had a really good time. They had a field testing for the paper airplanes and the boys really enjoyed that,” Rowlins said. “They did all the calculations. It is always really interesting, the time and passion everybody has for what’s going on and for science in general. I love the fact this is done every year and we get an opportunity to come out and enjoy it.

Rowlins feels STEM will continue to remain important.

“Anything that instills a passion for learning is especially important for kids. There are a lot of YouTube videos, Minecraft and games presented for you to consume. Anything that can instill a passion for them to go figure things out is positive. The boys have adopted Minecraft,” Rowlins said. “You can build anything your imagination puts into place. These types of activities are important in building imagination and seeing what is even possible.”