Midtown Express Construction Nears Completion

As the $847 million Midtown Express construction project nears completion, more than 150,000 motorists per day are seeing congestion relief.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and project partner SouthGate Constructors (SouthGate) are on schedule to complete the design-build project by the end of the year – less than four years after starting construction in April 2015. The project reconstructed and rehabilitated deteriorating roadways and increased the capacity of the existing highway corridors.

Weather permitting, the SH 183 and Loop 12 TEXpress Lanes are scheduled to open this weekend. Follow us on Twitter (@TxDOTTEXpress) for opening updates. The lanes span 16 miles, feature at least one lane in each direction, and include new direct-connect ramps between SH 183 and Loop 12 north. The lanes will open with time-of-day pricing, meaning the price will change throughout the day based on a fixed schedule.  In mid-2019, the lanes will have dynamic pricing, meaning the price will change based on the number of vehicles in the lane, with the goal of maintaining a speed of 50 mph or faster.

The 28-mile project runs along state highways (SH) 183 and 114 as well as a portion of Loop 12 through the cities of Bedford, Euless, Fort Worth, Irving and Dallas. It includes the addition of TEXpress (toll managed) Lanes, rehabilitation of 44 bridges, construction of 26 new bridges, and completion of four direct-connect ramps with a total of 1,869 beams. The project moved 2.7 million cubic yards of dirt and relocated 47 miles of utilities.  When the project finishes, the team will have worked more than five million man-hours in the field.

The 28-mile Midtown Express project (SH 183 Managed Lanes Project) is expected to improve mobility by expanding SH 183 from SH 121 in Euless to Interstate 35E (I-35E) in Dallas, as well as SH 114 from SH 183 to SH 121/International Parkway and a portion of Loop 12 from SH 183 to I-35E. The project includes design, reconstruction and rehabilitation of deteriorating roadways and the addition of TEXpress Lanes (toll managed lanes).

For more information, visit the project’s website: www.drivemidtown.com, or call the toll-free hotline 844-418-3114. The Midtown Express Project can also be found on Twitter (@DriveMidtown) and Facebook (drivemidtown).

SOURCE: Southgate Construction