Love Field Opens New Parking Garage in Time for Holiday Travelers

The City of Dallas and Love Field Airport held a grand opening for a new airport parking garage on Thursday, Nov. 1, just in time for holiday travel. The seven-story Parking Garage C contains 5,300 parking spaces and the latest parking space technology.

“We are very excited about getting ready for the big holiday traveling season,” said Mark Duebner, City of Dallas, Director of Aviation. “As a lot of folks remember on Thanksgiving Day of 2014, we ran out of parking completely here at Love Field. We’ve done some interim steps; we opened a remote lot, but we really knew we needed to build a new facility. We started the planning the day after Thanksgiving in 2014.”

Parking Garage C features space indicators, a wayfinding and vehicle locator system.

“The main thing about opening the new facility is it relieves the amount of congestion we have in the other garages, which makes it easier to park,” Duebner said.

The following parking rates also went into effect Thursday:

Garage A- $15 per day

Garage B- $9 covered parking/per day, $7 uncovered/per day

Garage C- $15 covered parking/per day, $13 uncovered/per day, $25 Premium Parking/per day.

Kimberly Bizor Tolbert, City of Dallas, Chief of Staff, claimed the Love Field’s garages are now the lowest priced terminal parking in Texas.

“If they want to drive themselves to the airport, we certainly can accommodate them,” Chis Perry, communications manager of Dallas Love Field said. “With this new garage, with 5,000 spaces, discounting 7,500 spaces already here, I think we are providing a great service. We encourage our customers to please come to the airport and drive themselves.”

Airlines like Southwest will be able to expand their flights out of Love Field, because the facility can accommodate more customers.

“This allows us to add our 15 new flights that start in January,” Steve Sisneros, Southwest Airlines, director of airport affairs, said. “We will be up to 195 departures. With closed in parking and not have any parking limitations, this is a huge win for both Southwest and the city of Dallas. “

Additionally, four new pieces of public art were added to Love Field’s collection.

“This is art work that is commissioned specifically for these spaces,” said Kay Kallos, public arts program manager for the City of Dallas. “Having art work here really enhances the customer experience. Going through the airport is a hustle and bustle. Having something to look at, maybe smile at, or enjoy, or interact with makes your experience coming to the airport a lot more positive.”

All the art pieces in the airport have meaning behind them. Pieces like “Flying Dreams” by Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead were created as a playful engagement. Others, like Jason Bruges Studio’s “Vector Field,” interact with customers by lighting up 100 rings as people walk under them. The rings also represent Dallas Love Field’s 100 years of existence. The main sculpture set in between the parking garages is used as a welcoming figure to the airport.

“Airports throughout the world are incorporating art as fast as they can,” Kallos said. “It’s a really important part of a contemporary airport environment, and I think we are leading the way here at Love Field.”

Written by Sheena Pelsy