Honor Guard Members to Travel for Capt. Al Haynes Funeral

It’s been nearly a month since Captain Al Haynes died at the age of 87.

Haynes was at the controls of United Airlines Flight 232 when it crash-landed at Sioux Gateway Airport, on July 19, 1989.

To help honor that moment and Haynes, six joint Honor Guard members from the Siouxland area will be traveling to Renton, Washington, to participate in Haynes funeral.

2 people from Sioux City Fire Rescue, 2 from the Sioux City Police Department and 2 people from the Woodbury county sheriff’s department will be a part of that honor guard.

The group got together at the Police Training Center in Sioux City to take a picture before the trip.

The group says they don’t know exactly what their role will be just yet as they are still working out the details.

And while many say they may not have known Captain Haynes personally, they say the fact that Haynes was a member of the United States Marine Corps, and many of them are as well, connects them to him.

“If you know anything about the Marine Corp or the military in general, you know that it’s kind of a tight brotherhood, sisterhood,” said Brad Echter, Honor Guard Unit. “It’s just something that we all honor each other. its the same deal as when we have a line of duty death, we all honor each other. we may not even know that person but we pay our respects and honor them in any way shape or form.”

The group will head out Friday, October 4 for Washington. They will attend Haynes’ Funeral on October 5 before flying back on the 6th.

The funeral service will take place at the New Life Church in Renton, Washington, south of Seattle.

SOURCE: KTIV Television