Flight Attendants Face Possible Layoffs Again

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | February 2021

A spokesperson for the Association for Professional Attendants said that mostly flight attendants will be furloughed if American Airlines is forced to do involuntary layoffs on March 31.

American Airlines followed carriers United and Hawaiian in sending notices of potential layoffs to their employees. Possibly 13,000 employees from American were warned their jobs are at risk unless the industry receives another stimulus package. In March 2020, airlines were the beneficiary of $25 million in the initial CARES Act approved by Congress and another $15 billion in December.

Without a payroll support program extension, up to 13,000 American Airlines workers could be furloughed April 1, including over 4,000 flight attendants.

The payroll support program put some members back to work in December; however, some of the big airlines quickly found there was not enough work to re-hire employees.