FAA Raises Fines for Bad Behavior

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | February 2021

Bad behavior during flights is now being met with harsher punishments. The Federal Aviation Administration has decided to create higher fines to counter unruly behavior of passengers.

This crackdown comes after a boiling point was reached last month as Trump supporters were storming the capitol following President Joe Biden’s election. U.S. airlines have banned over 2,000 passengers for their refusing to follow CDC guidelines and wear masks on flights.

A Jan. 5 flight saw six travelers banned for yelling ‘traitor’ at Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney. A few days later on an Alaska Airlines flight, 14 travelers were banned for being argumentative and harassing crew members about wearing masks.

CNBC reported on an American Airlines flight from Jan. 5 where a passenger was reported to have projected “Trump 2020” on a cabin wall. This event led to a shouting match of profanities between passengers.

In the U.S., statistics have shown bad behavior during flights is nothing new and has become more frequent. As a result, the FAA announced in January that it would fine travelers a maximum of $35,000 for disorderly conduct rather than giving them a warning.