DPS Police Reports 9/18 – 9/23

Possession of Marijuana

September 14, 2:30 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal C, Gate 26, in reference to a Texas Health and Safety Code violation. American Airlines employees had located a bag on the ramp containing what they believed to be marijuana. Officers were informed the AA employees were still on the ramp with the suspect bag, and the owner of the bag had boarded an AA flight, which was a connecting flight from Sacramento, CA. The owner of the bag was a black female. AA employees advised officers a male subject had also boarded the flight and requested he be assigned the seat next to the female subject.

Officers met with the AA employees on the ramp. The employees informed officers they were loading bags on baggage belt, which was loading bags onto the airplane. As one employee handed the suspect bag to the other employee to load onto the baggage belt, they smelled what they believed was marijuana emitting from the bag. They noticed a hole in the bottom of the bag where a wheel appeared to have fallen off.

Upon observation of the suspect blue bag, officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the bag. Officers also observed what appeared to be vacuum sealed bags exposed through the hole of the broken piece of luggage that contained a brown and green leafy substance consistent with that of marijuana. Officers opened the bag to search the vacuum sealed bag and found numerous other vacuum sealed bags containing what was believed to be marijuana. Officers were informed the female subject had checked two bags with the airline.

Officers requested to speak with both subjects. AA employees asked both subjects to deplane. Officers spoke with the female first. She first informed officers she had only known the male subject for three to four months. She later said they were childhood friends who had traveled to Sacramento, CA and were in route to Atlanta, GA for vacation.

According to the female, she checked two pieces of luggage (his luggage) with the airlines in California, and the male checked one piece of luggage (her luggage). The female advised the male subject’s bags were blue and green, and her bag was pink. She said she paid for all three pieces of checked luggage, and he gave her money for his. Officers asked the female if there was anything inside of her bag they needed to be concerned with, and she advised she only had clothing items in her bag. She advised she and the male subject had stayed at a hotel together the previous night, but he packed his luggage, and she packed hers.

At approximately 3 p.m. officers read the female subject her Miranda Warning. She said she understood her rights and waived them, agreeing to answer questions. Officers asked the female if they had made any big purchases while in California, and she advised they had not. Officers asked if she smoked marijuana, and she said, “No.” Officers asked if the male subject ever smoked marijuana, and she said he smoked while they were at the hotel, but he went outside to smoke, so she wasn’t sure what he was smoking.

AA Security located two more bags in addition to the suspect blue bag. The security officer later informed officers she had searched the two additional bags in an attempt to determine who the owner of the bags were. One bag was green, and the other was pink. When the security officer searched the pink bag she found nothing suspicious. However, as she searched the green bag, attempting to identify the owner, she opened the bag and found vacuumed sealed bags that smelled like marijuana.

Officers interviewed the male subject next. The male initially told officers the pink bag belonged to him. He told he and the female were “friends, boyfriend-girlfriend.” At approximately 3:15 p.m. officers read the male his Miranda Warning. He verbally acknowledged he understood his rights. The male waived his rights and agreed to answer questions. Officers asked him if there was anything in the bag they should be concerned with and he informed them his bags only contained clothing. Officers informed him the female subject had told them the blue and green bags belonged to him. The male admitted the blue and green bags were his, and the pink bag was the female’s.

Officers asked the male if he had ever been arrested before, and he said he had only been arrested for speeding tickets. He told officers both he and the female had packed their own luggage. The male ultimately admitted the marijuana in the blue and green bags belonged to him. At 3:27 p.m., he was arrested for Possession of Marijuana.

Possession of Drugs

September 18, 9 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal D22 Lower Level at U.S. Customs and Border Protection in reference to a drug violation. Upon arrival, officers met with a US Customs Officer, who stated her K-9 was conducting sweeps of bags on the baggage carousel and that K-9 alerted on two bags. Customs Officers pulled the bags from the carousel, and the K-9 once again hit on the bag. The US Customs Officer then searched the bags and located two vials of THC Oil, 5 THC Gummies, two bags of a green leafy substance, and two Ecstasy pills. A glass smoking pipe commonly used for smoking marijuana and a small Tight Vac container were also located in the bags.

Officers performed a test on the vials of oil, gummies and green leafy substance and received a presumptive positive for THC. The MDMA Ecstasy was tested and received a presumptive positive for MDMA.

The owners of the bags were later identified. The first bag belonged to a female, and contained one vial of THC Oil. The second bag belonged to a male, and contained one vial of THC Oil, five THC Gummies, two bags of Marijuana, two Ecstasy pills, the smoking pipe and Tight Vac container. Both suspects had just arrived from Cancun and were connecting to San Antonio, TX.

Officers asked both suspects after being read Miranda if the bags were theirs, to which they both stated yes. Officers then asked if they had packed their own bags, to which they stated yes. Officers then asked if they were in care and custody of their bags, to which they stated yes. Officers asked the suspects if they had picked up the drugs in Cancun, to which they responded yes.

Because the female was in possession of the vial of THC Oil she was placed under arrest for Possession of Drugs. The male was placed under arrest for one count of Possession of Marijuana, and three counts of Possession of Drugs. Both suspects were taken to Station One Jail.


September 21, 11:20 p.m.

An officer was dispatched to the south Shell Station in regards to an assault, which had occurred at Terminal C at approximately 10 p.m. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the reporting party and victim. The victim stated he is an Uber driver and advised earlier that evening, at approximately 10 p.m. he was at Terminal C picking up a customer. The victim stated when he left the Terminal C upper roadway the Terminal C loop roadway was slow moving due to the number of cars. The victim stated as he attempted to change lanes and enter the loop roadway from the ramp a vehicle gave him the right of way, allowing him to move over a lane to the right. The victim stated that is when a black, newer model Chevrolet suburban aggressively drove forward and almost struck the rear of the victim’s car.

The victim stated the Chevrolet suburban then drove around his vehicle and pulled in front of him in an aggressive manner. The driver of the suburban exited the vehicle and came up to the victim’s driver window aggressively. The victim opened his window and attempted to speak with the driver. The victim stated the driver then struck him with his right hand, open palm, twice on the face. The victim stated he did not suffer any injuries but did feel pain. The victim had a customer with him who witnessed the whole incident and further advised the victim not to do anything and just call the police. The witness wrote down the license plate of the suburban and stated he would be able to confirm details about the incident if necessary.

The victim identified the suspect as an Asian male, approximately 5’6’’, approximately 170 lbs. Because an unknown suspect intentionally struck the victim causing bodily injury (pain) an offense report for Assault was created.

Possession of Drugs

September 22, 12:30 p.m.

Four officers were dispatched to Terminal B Gate 24 TSA Resolution Room in reference to a suspicious item in a checked bag. DFW Communications relayed TSA had an image on the x-ray of a jar of peanut butter containing unknown items within the jar.

Upon arrival, officers met with a TSA Agent Kelly Adams. The agent directed officers to the x-ray screen which showed the jar with unknown items inside. Based on the x-ray image alone, officers were unable to identify the items and cleared all personnel from the TSA resolution room until K9/EOD arrived on scene.

A DHS officer located the owner of the bag and requested officers to his location. Two more officers responded and brought the owner of the bag to the TSA resolution room. A K9/EOD officer also arrived on scene, but was unable to identify the item. The DHS Officer advised the bag’s owner, a female, stated she did not know anything was in the peanut butter, and it was given to her by her boyfriend. Officers asked the female suspect if she packed the peanut butter jar in her bag. She advised she had. Officers asked the female what was inside the peanut butter jar, to which she replied she did not know. Officers advised the female they needed to make sure the items inside the jar would not cause any harm to anyone. The female them stated the items were vials of THC Oil and “she wanted to be honest, because we would find out eventually.”

After identifying the items, officers retrieved two vials containing an amber substance from inside the peanut butter jar. The peanut butter was covered over the items in attempt to hide their presence in the jar. One vial was contained inside a plastic container which was labeled as containing a concentrate of 93.8 percent THC. During the retrieval of the vials, Officers detained the female suspect in handcuffs. Because the female was in possession of a controlled substance and admitted the substance was THC Oil, she was placed under arrest for possession of drugs.

Public Intoxication

September 23, 4 p.m.

Three officers were dispatched to Terminal D, Checkpoint D30 in reference to a possible public intoxicated subject.

Upon arrival, officers noticed a Hispanic female who was yelling loudly standing at the TSA Identification Check podium. Officers approached the female and asked what was going on, and she continued yelling loudly asking how she could leave. Officers asked the female to lower her voice; she refused and began yelling at passengers in an aggressive manner. When an officers got in between her and a passenger standing in line, the officer grazed her arm as she was reaching out in an expressive manner to prevent her from hitting the passenger. The female immediately began yelling at the officer saying they touched her without any right to do so.

As the female was yelling, officers could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath. The female was slurring her speech and was becoming verbally aggressive with officers, passengers, and TSA Officers. A TSA Supervisor stated the subject was asked to show her identification and boarding pass and she refused to do so. The supervisor stated the subject began yelling and cursing at a TSA Officer, and that is when they called 911.

Because the female suspect was in a public place while intoxicated to the degree that she may endanger herself or another person, was slurring her speech, refused to abide by TSA screening procedures to continue on her flight, became verbally aggressive with TSA officers, passengers, and police officers, she was placed under arrest.

The female was advised she was being placed under arrest and while officers were attempting to do so, the female intentionally obstructed officers by pulling away from them as to prohibit the handcuffs from being placed on her wrists. Officers were able to place the handcuffs on the female’s wrists, and she immediately threw herself onto the ground, preventing officers from escorting her from the TSA checkpoint area to the patrol car on the curb.

The female was dragged by officers to the curb. The female was instructed to stand so that she could be searched and she sat on the ground, preventing officers from completing a full search. The female had to be lifted off the ground to complete a search of her person. Once off the ground, the female would not stand on her own accord and forced officers to drag her to the passenger door of the patrol car where they had to forcefully sit her in the car to be transported to Station 1 Jail.