DPS Police Reports 9/10 -9/17

Assault Bodily Injury

September 10, 7:10 a.m.

Three officers responded to a call for service regarding an assault that occurred on Sept. 8 at approximately midnight. The assault occurred at 1633 W. 20th St DFW Airport, TX. Officers spoke with the reporting party, who stated she was at the incident location in the performance of her duties when she observed a safety violation. The victim stated she approached the suspect and challenged him regarding the safety violation.

The victim stated she spoke with the subject and advised him she would need to photograph his SIDA badge for her report. The victim stated the subject would not let her take a picture and was arguing with her attempting to conceal his badge. After further arguing, the victim stated she saw an opportunity to take a picture of the suspect’s badge and did so.

The suspect then grabbed her left forearm and pushed her back. The victim stated she twisted her arm in an effort to release her forearm from the suspect’s grip. The victim stated she left the location and spoke with an officer on the phone. The officer advised the victim she would have to speak to an officer in person. The victim called for an officer today, because she could not find Station 1.

The victim has bruise on her left forearm from where the suspect grabbed her. Due to the suspect causing injury to the victim, an offense report for Assault Bodily Injury was generated.

Public Intoxication

September 11, 3:40 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal B gate 28 in reference to a possible intoxicated passenger asleep in the gate area. Upon arrival, officers noticed a white male lying down in front of the gate counter asleep. Officers made contact with an Envoy supervisor, who advised that the subject walked up and laid down in front of the gate counter.

The Envoy supervisor attempted to get some information from the subject with negative results. The supervisor attempted to get the subject to move from in front of the gate counter but was unable before the subject went to sleep.

Officers then approached the subject, woke him up and attempted to start a conversation with him. The officers could immediately detect the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the subject. The subject seemed confused and did not seem to think there was a problem for him to be lying on the floor sleeping in front of the gate counter. Officers asked him to get up and move over to a seat nearby. The subject was unsteady on his feet when getting up. Officers asked the subject several other questions and if he had any alcoholic drinks today. During the conversation with the subject, officers noticed he had bloodshot, glassy eyes. The subject denied having any drinks that day. Officers asked to see the subject’s boarding pass and learned he was traveling to Aguascalientes aboard an American Airlines flight scheduled to leave at 5:55 p.m. out of gate B18. While looking for his boarding pass, the subject originally handed officers a receipt that was from the Rodeo Bar in Terminal B. The subject said he was traveling alone.

Based upon investigation and observation, officers believed the subject was intoxicated in a public place to the degree that he was a danger to himself if left alone. The subject was placed under arrest for public intoxication.

Possession of Marijuana, Tampering with a Government Record

September 12, 2:20 p.m.

An officer observed a black Nissan Altima parked at Terminal D Arrivals Road Entry 17. The vehicle was parked in a zone clearly marked for active loading or unloading. No passengers were being loaded or unloaded from the vehicle. The officer advised DPS Communications she would be conducting a parking violation on the vehicle. As the officer approached the vehicle, she saw the license plate appeared to be a photocopy of a Texas buyer tag.

The officer made contact with the driver and informed him of the parking violation. The driver advised he was waiting for his sister, and identified himself with a Texas identification card. The driver advised his sister had recently purchased the vehicle for him to drive. The vehicle did not have a valid insurance policy.

DPS Communications advised the driver had regional warrants out Arlington and Grand Prairie. DPS Communications also advised the buyer tag expired and was registered to a different person. A second officer arrived on scene to assist.

The driver advised the buyer tag came with the vehicle and he denied making any changes to it. Officers asked the driver for consent to search his vehicle. The driver gave verbal consent to search his vehicle. Officers had the driver and his passenger step out of the vehicle and sit on a bench. In the center console ash tray officers located a cigarette with a green leafy substance and an odor consistent with marijuana. The driver advised the cigarette belonged to him. Officers placed the driver under arrest for Possession of Marijuana and Tampering with a Government Record.

Possession of Drugs

September 13, 7:26 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal D, US Customs Level 1 in reference to a drug violation. Upon arrival, officers made contact with a US Customs Officer who advised a passenger arrived at DFW from Pueblo, MX on an American Airlines flight. US Customs Officers were conducting a “blitz” inspection of all passenger’s bags on the flight. The US Customs Officer advised he noticed the passenger was acting nervous while waiting in line to be inspected. The passenger was pulled aside for screening at 6:55 p.m. and several illegal substances were located in his carry-on bag:

(1) clear container containing 5.5 white pills (later identified a Lorazapam)

(2) pill bottle containing a green leafy substance (tested positive for hashish/marijuana/hash oil/THC)

(3) tin containing cannabis-infused espresso beans (tested positive for hashish/marijuana/hash oil/THC, located by officers during a bag inventory after arrest)

(4) green and white container with THC chocolate (tested positive for hashish/marijuana/hash oil/THC)

(5) two white pills (later identified as oxycodone)

(6) five cannabis joints (tested positive for hashish/marijuana/hash oil/THC)

Due to the passenger possessing the items listed above, he was placed under arrest for three counts of Possession of Drugs and one count of Possession of Marijuana.

Resisting Arrest, Harassment of a Public Servant

September 14, 12:37 a.m.

An officer was dispatched to Terminal E, Portal 21 in reference to an intoxicated passenger. An ASD supervisor was on scene and witnessed the individual in question cursing at passengers, screaming, and grabbing her hair. The officer arrived on scene and met the suspect who was seated in a chair grabbing her hair. The officer began to ask the suspect a series of questions to which she was unable to produce answers. The suspect then advised she wanted a lawyer and would not answer any more questions.

The officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming off her person. The officer began to ask the ASD supervisor what the suspect had been doing, and he stated she was cursing at passengers, screaming, and grabbing her hair. The supervisor advised she was drinking little bottles of Vodka. The officer went back over to the suspect and asked her where here Vodka was, and she said it was probably in the trash.

Three more officers arrived on scene to assist. Due to the suspect’s high level of intoxication, her inability to answer simple investigative questions, and her not having a responsible party to release her too, officers were afraid if left alone, she would become a danger to herself or others. Due to the suspect being intoxicated in a public place, she was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication and escorted out to the curbside for transport.

The suspect resisted going outside and started dragging her feet to the point officers could not walk her anymore. The suspect was screaming obscenities with many passengers near by. The suspect kicked one officer in the leg, and he advised her not to kick him again. Another officer secured her legs and the officers carried her outside. As they were walking, the suspect attempted to bite an officer in the crotch, screaming, “Do you want me to bite your d***?”

The suspect refused to get inside the vehicle and fought with officers. Once they were able to secure the suspect inside the patrol vehicle, they placed a spit mask on her head. She spit through the mask and struck an officer in the side of his face. Once the suspect was inside the vehicle, officers attempted to put her in leg restraints. The suspect kicked an officer in the top of the head. The officer advised after the incident that he would be fine. Officers were unable to communicate with DFW Communications on mileage due to the suspect’s continual screaming while enroute to the jail. The suspect was beating her head against the Plexiglas at the beginning of the transport. Once they arrived at Station One Jail, the suspect had to be immediately taken into a cell, due to her not cooperating with the search prior to book-in.

Due to the suspect resisting arrest, she was also charged with Resisting Arrest. Due to the suspect spitting on an officer, she was additionally charged with Harassment of a Public Servant.

Public Intoxication

September 15, 3:17 p.m.  

Four officers responded to a possible intoxicated individual at Terminal D, lower level roadway, near entry D22. DFW dispatch advised the possible intoxicated individual was a white suspect with blond hair.

Upon arrival at the scene officers observed a white suspect matching the description. The suspect was sitting in the chairs adjacent to custom arrival exit doors inside entry D22. Officers asked the suspect where she was, and she stated she was in Dallas. Officers asked where she arrived from, and she stated Dallas. Officers informed the suspect she is at the airport and they asked her how she arrived here. She stated she flew from Dallas to Dallas. She further advised she arrived last night. Officers observed the suspect had a boarding pass for an American Airlines Flight from Rome, Italy to DFW Airport.

Officers asked the suspect to provide them with her driver’s license, but she stated she didn’t have it. Officers asked her again to provide them with a driver’s license or passport, so she started looking through an envelope containing receipts. Officers noticed the suspect was confused so they asked her what she was looking for, and she stated “it was tax free.”

Officers asked the suspect to stand up. She had a hard time standing up and was very unstable on her feet. While talking to the suspect, officers could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage on and about her person. The suspect could not accurately answered the majority of questions she was asked. One officer asked her how much she had to drink, and she stated two wines. Another officer then asked the suspect how much she had to drink, and she stated one wine. Her speech was slurred and most of her words were hard to understand.

Due to the suspect being intoxicated to the point she did not know where she came from, could not accurately answer the majority of questions asked, could not provide her driver’s license, being very unstable on her feet and needing to be assisted while standing and walking it was the officers’ opinion she was a danger to herself or others if left alone. The suspect could have injured herself by walking into traffic, falling down or getting lost if left unattended. The suspect was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.

The suspect was handcuffed and helped to the curbside for transport. The suspect was searched by officers and transported in a patrol unit to DFW DPS Jail for booking procedures. While in processing at DFW Airport Jail the suspect’s property was inventory and during the inventory officers discovered several prescribed medications with red labels cautioning alcohol mixture.