DPS Police Reports 10/8 – 10/13

Possession of Marijuana

October 8, 11:15 p.m.

An officer was conducting stationary traffic enforcement at 2500 Rental Car Drive when he observed a black Chevrolet Impala, which appeared to be traveling in excess of the posted speed limit during inclement weather, heading eastbound in the 2500 block of Rental Car Drive. The officer captured a speed of 41 miles per hour in a posted 35 miles per hour zone. The officer pulled out of his stationary location and observed the vehicle’s taillights turn off and then back on. The officers activated his overhead emergency lights, stopping the vehicle at the intersection of Rental Car Drive and Valley View.

The officers made contact with the driver, and smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the interior of the vehicle. The officer asked the driver when the last time someone had smoked marijuana inside of the vehicle. The driver informed the officer that it had been a couple of days. A second officer arrived on scene to assist.

Officers conducted a search of the driver and his vehicle at this time. In the front left pocket of the driver’s pants, officers pulled out a green, clear plastic bag, containing a usable amount of a green leafy substance. On the passenger floorboard, officers found an additional piece of a green leafy substance to be seized as evidence and placed it inside of the bag found on the driver so that it would not be lost. The driver was placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana.

Assault Family Violence, Interference with Emergency Request for Assistance

October 9

Five officers were dispatched to the 1900 block of West Airfield Dr. in reference to a possible fight or domestic assault in progress. Communications advised the vehicle involved was a white Hyundai, and they tried to call the reporting back, but they could not get the call to go through. Officers arrived on scene and located the suspect vehicle in the parking lot. Officers then spoke with two people who were witnesses and also the passengers, a male and a female in the vehicle.

The witnesses are co-workers of the male passenger, and roommates of the female passenger. Both witnesses said the male passenger was upset with the female passenger, because she let one of the witnesses move in with her and has not known him very long. The witnesses stated the male passenger is not the father of the female passenger’s son, but he has acted like his father and claimed in the past he was his father. The witnesses advised the following: they were inside of the female passenger’s vehicle in the Ceva Parking lot at 1901 West Airfield Dr. when the male passenger came out to the vehicle. The witnesses stated the man got in the front passenger seat and began to argue with the woman. After the argument started, the woman began to drive away while he was supposed to stay at work. Witnesses said the woman stopped her vehicle (approximately 200 West Airfield Dr.) and she and the man got out of the vehicle and argued more. One witness stated the man pushed the woman, she stood her ground, and he then pulled off her wig. The other witness stated when the man and the woman began fighting, she (the witness) attempted to stop the fight. The witnesses said once the fight stopped, she drove to 1900 West Airfield where they waited for DPS, and advised the man threatened to get the woman and her son kicked out of her house during the argument.

Officers then spoke with the man. The man advised he did get in the woman’s vehicle to talk to her about letting the witness live with her and her son. He stated he and the woman dated for approximately one year in 2015. The man said the woman is a lesbian and had a son by a different man, but she wanted him to be a part in her son’s life as a male role model. The man advised he was upset because the woman has not known the witness very long, and he was concerned for their safety. The man stated when they started arguing the woman began to drive away, and he told her to let him out. The man said he jumped out of the car, and one of the witnesses grabbed him from the back seat. The man advised the woman stopped the car, they both got out, and then the woman began hitting him. The man stated the woman hit his glasses off of his face and continued to hit him. The man said at one point the woman had grabbed his throat causing a pain level of five on a scale of ten. The man stated he was proceeding to get back in the woman’s vehicle to get back to work when she slapped his phone to the ground while he was calling 911 and bit his right arm.

Officers then spoke with the woman. The woman stated she had told the man to stop calling her, because she is a lesbian and does not want a personal relationship with him. The woman advised the man is jealous, and he threatened to mess her up because she won’t be with him. The woman said they did have an argument in her vehicle this morning. The woman advised she did drive away and that’s when the man hit her head causing her wig to come off. The woman said she did feel pain when the man struck her head. The woman stated when she was struck she stopped her car and they both got out and started arguing in the road. The woman stated the man pushed her causing her to fall to the ground causing some pain in her hands. The woman advised she bit the man’s arm when he had pushed her to the ground. She denied breaking the man’s glasses or hitting his phone.

Because the male passenger intentionally struck the female passenger causing pain to her head, and they had previously dated, he was placed under arrest for Assault Family Violence. Because the female intentionally bit the male passenger causing him pain, and they had previously dated, she was also placed under arrest for Assault Family Violence. Additionally, because the woman recklessly rendered the man’s phone unable to place an emergency call, she was also charged with Interference with Emergency Request for Assistance. Both passengers were searched and transported to Station One for book in.

Public Intoxication

October 9, 12:30 p.m.

Three officers were dispatched to Terminal C Gate C33 in reference to an assist EMS call. Upon arrival, officers met with the reporting party who stated he called DFW Communications regarding a passenger who was passed out on the floor. Officers made contact with the passenger who was unconscious and breathing. Officers managed to wake up the passenger after tapping her and calling out her name. The passenger’s eyes were bloodshot and her breath had the odor of alcohol emitting from it.

EMS arrived and moved the passenger to a wheelchair, because she could not stand or keep her balance. EMS personnel asked the passenger if she had taken any medication today, and she replied that she had not taken any medication, but she takes Adderall. EMS personnel asked the passenger if she had anything to drink and she stated she had four mimosas. EMS asked the passenger if she wanted to go to the hospital, but she refused. Officers asked the passenger when was the last time she ate, and she replied she ate at TGI Fridays earlier. Officers asked the passenger how many mimosas she had, and she reported she had four.

Officers asked the passenger how she got to the airport and she stated she was dropped off by her ex-husband. However, her flight information indicated she flew in from San Antonio. During the questioning, officers could smell the odor of alcohol emitting from her breath. The passenger continuously asked officers and EMS personnel how old they were and was cursing during the entire encounter. The passenger was constantly swaying in the wheelchair during questioning. The passenger was scheduled to fly out on an American Airlines flight at 10:30 a.m. She was traveling alone.

Due to the facts that the passenger was confused as to how she arrived at DFW Airport, had trouble keeping her balance, was found unconscious on the ground, was traveling alone, and drank four mimosas, she posed a danger to herself and others. The passenger was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication. When searching the passenger’s property incident to arrest, officers found Xanax and Celexa medication. Both pill bottles indicate to not take with alcohol. The passenger was transported to DPS Station One for jail booking procedures.

Driving While Intoxicated

October 10, 3:15 p.m.

An officer was dispatched to Midcities Blvd. and South Airfield Drive in reference to a vehicle accident.

Upon arrival, the officer observed two vehicles on the right side of the roadway. The investigation revealed one vehicle a black Dodge Challenger failed to yield the right of way to a vehicle turning left. Driver information was exchanged based on the amount of damages less than $1000. There were no injuries of either party. The other party at no fault was released after information was exchanged.

The officer made contact with the driver of a black Dodge Challenger. As the officer conducted his investigation he noticed the driver’s speech was slurred, and she had difficulty remembering how she got into an accident. The driver stated she had taken 1 Xanax pill at approximately 6:45 a.m. The driver stated she did not consume any alcohol. The officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle and stand to the rear of her vehicle. The driver had difficulty maintaining her balance as she walked to the rear of the vehicle.

For the driver’s safety the officer conducted SFST’s to ensure she was able to operate a motor vehicle safely on a public roadway. The driver had 6 clues in the HGN, 6 clues in the walk and turn and 3 clues on the one leg stand. Due to the poor performance of field sobriety, the officer found the driver no longer had use of her mental or physical faculties due to the introduction of alcohol and/or drugs. The driver later stated she was drinking earlier today at around 12 p.m. The driver was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated.

Public Intoxication

October 10, 5 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to a call referencing a passenger on an inbound flight. An American Airlines Flight was coming in to Terminal C with a verbally abusive passenger.

When officers arrived on scene, the aircraft had just arrived at the gate. The lead flight attendant advised the woman in question was being so verbally abusive that the flight attendants moved everyone else out of her row for the last few minutes of the flight. Additionally, this same flight attendant advised the woman was at times challenging the flight crew, would not comply with flight attendants instructions, and would not stay seat belted in her assigned seat.

To combat this unruliness, the flight crew decided to block the aisle directly beside this seat until the passenger once again became compliant to flight crew instructions. The flight crew relayed to officers that this passenger was saying outlandish things such as, “We are all going to die” along with many tirades of cursing and screaming at anyone and everyone who challenged her to calm down and sit down.

The woman was identified and her driver’s license was run by DFW Communications and came back with no wants and no warrants. An FBI Field Agent was contacted but did not come to the call as officers had everything under control. The woman was clear of the aircraft, and from what officers could garner from the flight crew, she was verbally hostile, but did not lay hands on anyone at any time she was on the aircraft.

The woman was verbally and somewhat physically aggressive in her posturing, muscle tensing, and defiance with both officers from the moment they started speaking to her on the jet bridge. As both officers motioned for the woman to make her way up the jet bridge, she started yelling, and cursing. This aggressive nature and demeanor escalated when they reached the gate area of Terminal C.

When they asked her to tell her side of the story the woman said something to the effect of, “You will let me piss like a human, and then I will speak to you.” Officers again requested the woman to tell her side of the story, and she verbally went off on the officer. “I am a f***ing alcoholic, and you have no idea how to act with a f***ing alcoholic.” Officers then put handcuffs on the woman. She was physically writhing and twisting while they were trying to place the second handcuff on her left wrist. All the while she was screaming and cursing both officers. Officers could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath and/or about her person.

Gaining control of the woman was a hard won battle. She stated she was in the battle for the long haul a few times. The woman made these statements while alternately writhing around, dropping to the ground, attempting to pull away from officers, planting her feet firmly on the ground, dragging her feet, or trying to trip one or both officers. At the revolving door going out to the baggage claim, one officer had to take the woman through. When the woman reached the baggage carousel, she launched for that apparatus. The officers then placed her in a single wristlock position until the other officer could catch up. Officers had to retrieve the woman from the baggage carousel and carry her most of the way from the middle of the carousel area out to the curb.

After arriving at the curb the verbal and physical tantrum continued. The woman was so loud that a nearby officer excused himself from his lower priority call to offer assistance with the woman. Immediately upon the officer arriving on scene, the woman gave the appearance she was trying to bite the officer on his hand. It took several officers to get the woman into the transport vehicle as she was not done with her fight. She was placed in a recline position, she was then moved up in to the seated position for transport. Only a cursory search was completed curbside of her belongings as the woman was too combative to spare the manpower.

The woman was arrested for Public Intoxication due to her extremely combative behavior, which she herself stated was because she was an alcoholic and had recently been drinking heavily. The woman was in no condition to care for herself and was very dangerous to herself and to others.

Possession of Marijuana

October 11, 10:45 p.m.

An officer was stationary in the Founder’s Plaza parking lot, when he observed a White Chevrolet Blazer bearing Texas license plate enter the parking lot and then immediately leave the parking lot. As the vehicle exited Plaza Drive, the officer observed the vehicle failed to signal its intent to turn onto westbound North Airfield Drive. The officer conducted a traffic stop in the 1600 North Airfield Drive.

The officer made contact with the driver and identified himself as a police officer with DFW Airport. The officer advised the driver of the observed traffic violation and requested her driver’s license and proof of insurance to which the driver complied. The officer advised the driver and the passengers to remain inside the vehicle. Two more officers arrived on scene to assist.

Officers requested the driver to step out of the vehicle, and issued the driver a warning with the City of Grapevine for the traffic violation. Officers requested to conduct a search of the driver’s vehicle to check for contraband, which she allowed. Officer removed the passenger from the vehicle and immediately smelt the odor of Marijuana emitting from his person. The passenger immediately stated he had Marijuana on his person. Located inside his pocket was a bag containing a green leafy substance, which was believed to be Marijuana.

Due to the passenger possessing a useable amount of Marijuana, he was placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana, handcuffed (double-locked), and searched. The passenger was taken to Station One jail with no further incident. The driver and the other passenger were released from the scene.

Public Intoxication

October 13, 11 p.m.

An officer was on routine patrol, when he observed a beige 2005 Toyota Camry, bearing TXLP stopped on the left hand side of the roadway at near 3500 S. International Pkwy. The vehicle had its hazard lamps turned on was positioned diagonally in reference to the flow of traffic for the roadway.

As the officer was pulling behind to stop and check the welfare of the driver, he observed a white female exit the vehicle and walk toward the patrol vehicle. The officer stopped the patrol vehicle approximately 20 yards behind the Camry and turned on the rear facing traffic control/directional lights, scene lights and white spotlight. The female walked over to the officer and asked him to get her away from “him,” and pointed back toward the car. The female swayed as she stood near the officer, and he immediately smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from or about her person.

The officer observed a black male exit the driver door of the vehicle and begin walking over toward the female and the officer. The officer asked the female to sit on the curb and then asked the male to sit on the curb approximately 10 yards away. Two more officers arrived to assist.

The female relayed to the officer she had met the male recently and was out with him at a bar in downtown Dallas. The female advised the male (whom she never referred to by name) was, “f***ed up” and she needed to get away from him. When officers asked what she meant by “f***ed up” she told officers they had both been drinking and the male was too intoxicated to drive, so she wanted to get out of the vehicle.

Officers asked the female to tell them what had happened this evening, and she began speaking very rapidly and told officers she was going to tell her “whole life story.” Officers told the female they just needed to know what happened tonight. The female continued to tell officers she had moved to Dallas from Las Vegas about 7 months ago and told officers her address and continued to ramble on and on. The female told officers she was also “f***ed up.” Officers asked the female for her ID and she handed over a Florida driver’s license. Officers told the female to remain with an officer while the others spoke with the male.

The male explained he was driving as an Uber driver and had picked up the female at Terminal D. The male relayed the Uber was requested by someone named “Charles” and when he arrived at Terminal D to make his pick up a white male and the female were there. The male told officers the female got into the vehicle with a lit cigarette, and he asked her to finish her cigarette outside of the vehicle before they could leave. The male said the female got back out of the vehicle and finished her cigarette and about three minutes later re-entered the vehicle alone. The male said the white male was no longer there, and he began to drive the female to her destination. The male showed officers his Uber application was running on his phone, and they observed the destination was the same which the female had told them earlier. The male relayed while they were driving, the female was acting erratic and hostile to the degree he thought she may try to assault him or exit the vehicle while it was driving down the roadway. The male said he pulled over and called 911 for police assistance.

When officers returned to speak with the female, she then could not remember where she had been drinking, who she had been with and did not know where she was. Throughout the encounter officers smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from or about her person, and when she was standing, she swayed. The woman was intoxicated to the degree her Uber driver thought he was about to be attacked or she would get out of the car while it was in motion. The woman could not remember the facts of her account of the night and forgot simple details when asked to repeat them. The woman did not know where she had been drinking or whom she had been drinking with, nor did she know where she currently was. The woman was placed in custody for Public Intoxication, handcuffed, searched and transported to DFW/DPS Jail for book in.