DPS Police Reports: 10/14 – 10/21

Assault Family Violence

October 14, 11:50 p.m.

Six officers responded to a call for police regarding suspicious circumstances at 3500 S International Pkwy DFW Airport. Officers observed a person in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and the victim sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Officers separated both parties and detained the driver with handcuffs. Both the driver and the victim did not speak English therefore, officers requested a Spanish speaking officer to the location and obtained voluntary written statements from both witnesses stating they observed the driver driving the vehicle and the victim crying in the passenger seat.

Officers spoke to the victim and observed she was slurring her words. Officers asked the victim if she consumed alcohol. The victim stated she drank 7 beers. The victim stated she was in the vehicle with the driver driving up to the South Toll Plaza at 3500 S International Pkwy. The victim stated they were arguing when the driver became irate and grabbed her neck. The victim stated the driver squeezed her neck while screaming, “You are going to die,” and then grabbed her hair pulling her toward the floorboard of the vehicle causing her to feel pain. The victim stated the driver used his left hand to squeeze her neck, and then used his right hand to pull her hair. Officers observed red marks on the victim’s neck and scratches on the right side of her face. The victim was being treated in an EMS Unit when she stated the driver had been drinking and possibly consuming narcotics prior to driving.

Meanwhile, another group of officers began an investigation into the possibility the driver was intoxicated. Officers searched him again before removing the handcuffs. Officers asked the driver if he had been drinking. The driver advised he had four “cuatro” drinks. Officers asked the driver if he needed to see EMS, and he advised no.

Officers then conducted the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. The first test administered was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN). Officers ensured there were no emergency vehicle lights facing the driver and faced him away from on-coming traffic in order to prevent any interference or distractions during the test. Officers noted the driver had equal tracking and equal pupil size. Officers also noted the driver’s eyes were brown in color and did not observe resting Nystagmus. Officers observed six of a possible six clues. Due to the strong wind moving through the Control Plaza, it was difficult to smell any alcohol of the driver’s breath; however, officers noted the driver did have an odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about his person.

The second test administered was the Walk and Turn. Officers explained and demonstrated the test for the driver and instructed him to begin. Officers observed four of a possible eight clues. The third test administered was the One Leg Stand. Officers explained and demonstrated the test for the driver and instructed him to begin. Officers observed two of a possible four clues.

Based on the personal contact, and the field sobriety test, officers felt the driver did not have the normal use of his mental and physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol into the body. The driver was operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway, and he could not safely operate a motor vehicle without putting himself or others in danger. The driver was placed under arrest for DWI, along with Assault Family Violence.

Public Intoxication

October 15, 6:50 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal B, Gate 28, Cantina Laredo in reference to a possible intoxicated passenger. The manager at Cantina Laredo advised he had asked a passenger to leave and the passenger was refusing. Dispatch gave a description of a white male with a beard, wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, jeans and carrying a black backpack.

While in route, officers noticed a person fitting the description around Gate 28 heading back toward Cantina Laredo. Officers observed the white male approach the “to go” area of Cantina Laredo and attempt to buy a drink. The manager of Cantina Laredo was out front and pointed toward the male passenger and said this was the guy he called about. Officers motioned for the manager to step over toward them and asked him what had happened. The manager said the passenger was cursing and being loud at the bar and was asked to leave. The passenger cursed at the bar manager and slammed his drink down on the bar before he left. The passenger had only been served one drink before being asked to leave. The manager said the passenger would also walk out of the restaurant and then come back in.

Officers observed the passenger decide not to purchase a drink and walk toward the Gate 29 area and sit down. Officers attempted to speak with the passenger about what happened at the bar, but the passenger would not explain his actions. The passenger acted like nothing happened. Officers asked the passenger if he had any alcoholic drinks tonight, and he replied ‘What does that have to do with anything.’ The passenger became very argumentative at this point and would not answer basic questions. While speaking with the passenger, officers could detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath when he spoke. The passenger also had bloodshot and glassy eyes. The passenger said he had been delayed all day, and his boarding pass showed his latest flight was scheduled to depart out of Terminal D, Gate 7 at 8:35 p.m.

Based upon investigation and observation, officers believed the passenger was intoxicated in a public place to the degree that he was a danger to himself if left alone. Officers placed the passenger under arrest for public intoxication around 7:05 p.m. The passenger was transported to station one jail for the book in process.

Public Intoxication

October 19, 7 p.m.

Three officers were advised by DFW Communications of a Hispanic female trying to leave the Abacus restaurant located at Terminal D, Gate 22 without paying her bill. Dispatch advised the female had been drinking at Abacus and was dancing around like she was at a club.

Upon arrival to Abacus, officers were advised the female subject left the area and was walking toward the higher numbered gates, and the restaurant manager was following her. Officers made contact with the manager near Gate 40, and he pointed to a female who was taking the escalator up to the Terminal C connector as the subject.

Officers made contact with the female subject at the top of the escalator. Officers identified themselves as DFW police officers and the reason for the contact was because she left without paying the bill. Officers asked the female why she left the restaurant without paying, the female advised she went to go get her bag (unknown location). The female advised she was traveling by herself to Denver on a flight departing at 8:55 p.m. While speaking with the female, officers smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person.

Officers escorted the female back to Abacus to pay her bill, which she complied to do. During the walk from D-40 to Abacus (D-22), the female was yelling profanities at random people and nearly walking into passengers. Upon arrival to Abacus, the female was argumentative with officers and Abacus staff about paying the bill. The bill for $15.61 for one Hennessy drink was paid by the female passenger.

Based on investigation, officers believed the female was intoxicated in a public place to the degree she was a danger to herself or others if left alone. At approximately 7:25 p.m., she was placed in custody for Public Intoxication. Officers transported the female to the station one jail. While in route to station one, the female started to become verbally abusive and stating she was confused on why the officers were doing this to her. After exiting the valet gate near 3400 S. International Pkwy, the female began to bang her head on the Plexiglass which divides the front and rear compartments. Officers advised the female to stop and notified Communications of her banging her head.

Upon arrival to the station one jail, three more officers arrived to assist. When officers opened the door to get the female out of the vehicle, officers saw the female’s face was bloodied and there was a laceration on her forehead. Communications was advised to have EMS respond to the jail. The female was being verbally non-complaint with the jail staff while trying to get her out of the vehicle. The female eventually exited the vehicle on her own and was brought inside the jail to be evaluated by EMS. The female’s excited state continued inside the jail while EMS was trying to clean her wound and do their evaluation. The female was put into the restraint chair due to her aggressive nature and noncompliance of simple instructions by EMS and jail staff.

It was determined by EMS to transport the female to Parkland Hospital for further evaluation of her head wound. The female was administered Ketamine to get her in a relaxed state while on the ride to Parkland.

Public Intoxication

October 21, 10:47 a.m.

An officer was conducting a terminal sweep in Terminal D on the secure side near Checkpoint D22. The officer noticed a white female and white male walking by and the female was crying. The officer observed them for a while before he approached to see if they needed assistance. The female was trying to hug and touch the male and the male would pull away. The male tried to fix the female’s shirt a few times and continued to guide her before stopping at Gate D24 in front of the American Airlines Customer Service counter.

The officer approached them and asked if everything was okay, and the male, an airport employee, stated he was trying to help the female because she was intoxicated and missed her flight. The female, stated she wanted to go home, but her phone died and she needed to charge it. The officer started walking back to Gate D22 where an iPhone store was located. The officer notified DFW Communications of his location and a second officer arrived. The male helped the female purchase a charger and left the area.

While speaking with the female, officers could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath. Officers also observed her swaying back and forth, watery red eyes, and slurred speech. Officers escorted the female to the public side to charge her phone and call someone to come pick her up. While speaking with the female, she was not able to stay focused on the task of making a call. She stated she had a few drinks while waiting for her flight, and it is her fault that she is intoxicated. Officers continued to keep the female focused on making the call to her family member, but she never completed the task.

Due to the fact the female missed her flight, the smell of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath, traveling alone and was intoxicated in a public place to the degree that she was a danger to herself or others, she was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.

Public Intoxication

October 21, 9:05 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal E Entry 14 for an intoxicated male who made a threat. Upon arrival, officers contacted the male suspect. The suspect informed officers that he was seated on a United Airlines flight to San Francisco, asleep. He advised that he was awoken by United Airlines employees and told he was being removed from the flight.

The suspect advised he was unsure as to why he was removed, because he was asleep and not bothering anyone. While speaking with the suspect, officers observed him to have red watery eyes, slurred speech, he was unsteady on his feet, and had the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person.

Officers then spoke with a manager for United Airlines. The manager informed officers that the suspect was removed from the flight for being intoxicated. The manager advised he had to threaten to remove all passengers from the plane before the suspect agreed to get off. The manager stated the suspect was flying with his brother who remained on the flight. The manager informed officers that the suspect told him there was a “bomb” on the airplane after he was already off the aircraft. The manager decided to call the police due to the suspect’s intoxicated state and the bomb remark. The manager informed officers he did not delay the flight due to the bomb remark, and the flight continued on to San Francisco as scheduled. The manager appeared to not be concerned with the bomb remark as the suspect’s brother was still onboard the aircraft.

The suspect was arrested for Public Intoxication due to his intoxicated state and him walking in a public roadway where he could have been struck by a vehicle.