DPS Police Reports: 08/13 – 08/19

Simple Assault

July 27, 10:43 a.m.

An officer received a telephone report at the Terminal E Police Office involving an assault that occurred on July 26 around 10 p.m. The victim identified herself to the officer and was very upset on the telephone as she relayed the events that occurred the previous night.

The victim stated she arrived to DFW International Airport on a United Airlines flight around 10 p.m. on July 26. The victim stated as she exited Terminal E near Upper Level exit E8 she was approached by a black male wearing a bright yellow vest, who asked her if she needed assistance with her luggage, at which time she accepted. The victim stated they entered the section A parking garage of Terminal E when the suspect reached across her and rubbed his arms on her breast as she was trying to locate her parking spot number. The victim was in disbelief and tried to concentrate on getting to her vehicle, at which time the suspect grabbed a hold of her buttocks using his hand. The victim was close to her vehicle and quickly took her bags and jumped inside of her vehicle. The suspect left and returned to the terminal area.

The victim decided to return to the terminal area in an attempt to get the suspect’s name. The victim located the suspect on the curb at E8 and requested his badge information. The victim was unable to get the suspect’s full name, but was able to see a partial name.

The officer requested the assistance of a second officer to assist in trying to locate the possible suspect. Officers was able to verify there was a DFW Ground Transportation worker that night who was contracted through ABA, with the name matching the partial name given by the victim. The suspect was assigned to Terminal E, Gate E8 upper curb from 3:30 p.m. until midnight on July 26. The Ground Transportation Supervisor supplied officers with a cell phone number for the suspect.

Officers were able to make contact with the suspect via his cell phone. The suspect initially denied working that night. Officers explained to the suspect his Supervisor had already verified he was on duty that evening. The suspect then admitted he was working the E8 upper curb area and remembered assisting a female passenger with her luggage into the parking garage. The suspect did not wish to speak about helping the female passenger as he remained silent. Officers explained to the suspect it was his right not to speak, but officers would need certain information from him to complete their report at which time he supplied the information requested.

During the investigation of this incident and completing this report, the suspect’s name appeared in the system for previous charges regarding Indecency with a Child Sexual Contact on Feb. 3, 2017. The suspect was later arrested on Aug. 15 for Simple Assault.

Possession of Marijuana

August 13, 4:15 p.m.

Four officers responded to Terminal A Infield Parking Lot for a report of an Uber driver smoking marijuana. Communications added the Uber driver also offered marijuana to the reporting party.

Upon arrival, officers met with two more officers who had already arrived on scene. The officers on-scene informed had already made contact with the Uber driver to determine whether he was smoking marijuana in the Terminal A Infield parking lot. The officer advised the driver confessed he had been smoking marijuana in the Terminal A Infield parking lot. The officer had asked the driver if he had any marijuana in his vehicle. The driver had told officers he had marijuana in the trunk of his blue in color 2014 Toyota Prius. Officers had already located a cardboard box containing the driver’s marijuana in the trunk.

The arriving officers then spoke with the driver. They read the Miranda Warning to the driver and provided him with a copy to follow along as they read his rights to him. The driver informed officers he understood his rights and agreed to speak with them. The driver told officers he had been smoking marijuana by the stairwell adjacent to the Terminal A Infield parking lot about ten minutes earlier. The driver advised he regularly smokes marijuana while waiting for his Uber/LYFT customers. Officers asked the driver if he had offered marijuana to other drivers. The driver told officers he usually offers marijuana to other drivers as a courtesy while he is smoking. The driver admitted he has been smoking marijuana in the Terminal A Infield parking lot for the past year. The driver is a driver for both Uber and LYFT.

Officers asked the driver if had driven high with his passengers. The driver admitted he has driven under the influence of marijuana as he drives his customers to their destinations. Officers informed the driver he was basically driving under the influence of marijuana while driving for Uber/LYFT putting the lives of his customers at risk. The driver stated he suffers from multiple medical conditions, and hence that is the reason he smokes marijuana as he performs his duties as a driver for Uber/LYFT. Officers asked the driver if he takes any other illegal substances. The driver told officers he only smokes marijuana.

The driver was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana and searched incident to arrest. The cardboard box containing a green leafy substance believed to be the driver’s marijuana along with (2) glass jars, (2) grinders, (2) brown glass pipes with residue, (3) separate plastic baggies which contained the driver’s Marijuana, (1) sugar cane dank tips containing (1) tip, and (1) Not u Roll wrapper containing (1) tip were seized as evidence from the trunk of the driver’s vehicle. The driver was transported to and booked into the Station 1 Jail without incident.

Public Intoxication

August 14, 1:45 p.m.,

Three officers were dispatched to Terminal A, Gate 35 in reference to an intoxicated subject.

Upon arrival officers met with the suspect who was seated in the gate area. Officers asked the suspect to move over to some seats away from passengers waiting to board. When the suspect attempted to stand up, he fell over onto a roller bag he had next to him. The suspect could not make a coherent sentence and could not stand unassisted. When the co-workers the suspect was traveling with asked for his phone password to call his wife, he was so intoxicated he could not remember the password.

The suspect’s co-workers said they were not comfortable taking care of the suspect at that point. Officers placed the suspect under arrest for Public Intoxication due to the fact that he was in a public place while being intoxicated to a level that he could be a danger to himself or others. Officers searched and transported the suspect to Station 1 Jail in the Terminal A patrol vehicle without further incident.

Public Intoxication

August 16, 4:40 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal B, Gate B48, in response to a possible intoxicated passenger having trouble keeping his balance.

Upon arrival, officers approached the suspect. The suspect was arguing with the terminal manager about his flight. Officers asked the suspect how much he had to drink and after some deliberation, he stated eight drinks in the last seventeen hours. The suspect stated his most recent drink was a glass of wine at the Admiral’s Club approximately two hours prior. The suspect stated he flew from London, England to DFW Airport overnight.

As the suspect spoke, officers detected a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. Officers also observed the suspect’s eyes appeared red, glassy, watery, and he had difficulty maintaining focus. Officers observed the suspect try to pick up his backpack off the floor and put it on his back, but he could not find the arm strap after multiple attempts. While speaking to the suspect further, officers noticed him drool out of his mouth onto the front of his shirt. The suspect appeared not to notice the drooling and had wet marks all over the front of his shirt.

Based on these observations, officers became concerned for the suspect’s wellbeing if left alone in the terminal since he was being denied boarding on his flight. Because the suspect was intoxicated in a public place and was a danger to himself if left unattended, he was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.

Possession of Marijuana

August 17, 10:45 p.m.

Officers observed a vehicle driving in the 3600 block of North International without a license plate light. The officer operated the overhead emergency lights in the 3400 block to make contact with the vehicle.

Upon making contact with the driver, the officer could smell an odor of marijuana emitting from the front driver side door. The officer made contact with the driver, and saw his eyes were bloodshot and watery. The driver was acting as if he was very nervous. The officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle and stand to the rear of his vehicle. As the officer was explaining to the driver that he smelled marijuana in the vehicle, the driver advised he had marijuana in his pocket. The officer advised the driver to place his hands on the trunk of his vehicle. The officer reached in his pocket and pulled out a clear zip lock bag with a green leafy substance known as marijuana.

The officer placed the driver in hand restraints for detainment. The officer advised the driver he was going to search his vehicle due to the fact he smelled marijuana coming from his vehicle. The driver advised he had nothing else in the vehicle. As the officer searched the vehicle, he found a clear glass pipe in the center console. This clear pipe is used to smoke marijuana. The officer took possession of the clear pipe for contraband.

The officer placed the driver in the rear passenger seat of his patrol unit and given a warning for the traffic violation. Another officer arrived and took the passenger and her young child to station 1 to be picked up by family. The vehicle was towed to B&B towing.

Possession of Marijuana

August 18, 5:30 a.m.

An officer was driving westbound at the 2300 block of Rental Car Drive in the right-hand lane. The lane to his left, along with the one he was traveling in is for left turns only. The officer observed a black 2016 Volkswagen swing a wide left turn causing the vehicle to drive in the officer’s designated lane of travel rather than the one of origin. The vehicle also did not signal lane change. The officer activated his overhead emergency lights, stopping the vehicle at 4400 block of South International Parkway.

Upon contact with the driver, the officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from inside of the vehicle. The officer asked the driver if he had been smoking marijuana inside of the car in which he informed the officer that he had earlier. The officer asked the driver if he had anything marijuana inside of the vehicle in which he informed him he had a blunt in the driver’s door and handed it to the officer. The blunt contained a green leafy substance inside.

A second officer arrived on scene to assist. Officers identified the passenger inside of the vehicle as well. Officers conducted a search of the vehicle and found a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance inside of the passenger’s wallet, in her purse. Both the driver and the passenger were placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana.

Public Intoxication

August 19, 2:30 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to an Intoxicated Person at the Terminal C31 ticket counter.

Upon arrival an American Airlines manager advised the suspect was inside the C30 restroom and further advised the suspect had been argumentative with him and another customer, accusing them of having his driver’s license. Officers made contact with the suspect as he exited the restroom and observed him to be unsteady on his feet, his eyes were red and watery and officers smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about his person. While speaking with the suspect his speech was slow/slurred and he stated he had consumed 3 alcoholic drinks. The suspect asked several times why officers were speaking with him but could not remember it being explained to him numerous times.

Due to American Airlines denying him boarding because of his intoxicated state, him traveling alone, arguing with other customers and my observations, officers placed the suspect into custody for Public Intoxication, as he was a danger to himself or others if left unattended. While speaking with the suspect, a Friday’s employee brought his laptop bag that he had left inside the restaurant on the secure side. The suspect was handcuffed, searched and transported to the Station One Jail. Officers were later able to locate the suspect’s driver’s license in his left front pocket.