DPS Police Reports 07/31 – 08/04

Possession of Marijuana

July 31

An officer was traveling west bound in the right lane, of the 2700 block of Regent Boulevard, when he observed a vehicle traveling in the left lane next to him. As the vehicle pulled alongside the officer, he noticed the driver of the vehicle was texting while driving and not paying full attention to the roadway. The officer initiated a traffic stop by activating the red and blue emergency lights. The vehicle was a white Jeep.

As the officer approached the driver side door, he observed the vehicle was occupied by a female driver. The officer identified himself and explained why he stopped her. The driver stated she wasn’t texting anyone while driving, she stated she was entering an address into her G.P.S so she could get home from work. At that time, the officer asked the driver for her state issued driver’s license and proof of insurance for the vehicle. The driver stated she doesn’t have a valid driver license. She stated her Tennessee Driver License was suspended, and she only has a Texas identification card.

While investigating the traffic stop, the officer conducted a check of the driver’s identification card and it revealed she had an active warrant for her arrest out of the city of Dallas for traffic violations. During the officer’s contact with the driver, he immediately detected an odor of burnt marijuana emitting from inside her vehicle. The officer explained he could smell the odor of marijuana emitting from her vehicle. She stated the vehicle belongs to her mother and her mother may have smoked marijuana in the vehicle earlier.

At that time, the officer explained to her that he would be conducting a probable cause search of her vehicle for the presence of illegal narcotics. A second officer arrived on scene to assist. During search of the vehicle, the officer located what appears to be a green leafy substance that resembles marijuana in a plastic bag in the center console of the vehicle. The officer collected the marijuana as evidence. Because the driver had care, control and custody of the vehicle and the usable amount of marijuana was located in the center console, she was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana.

Assault Causing Bodily Injury

July 31, 9:45 p.m.

Two officers responded to a fight in progress at Terminal A, Infield Parking lot. While in route, DFW Communications broadcasted the fight, which appeared to be between two Uber drivers, and one of the involved parties fled the scene in a silver Honda. When officers arrived, they observed a middle-eastern male wave officers over. Officers spoke to the male and asked him what happened.

A second male told officers the other party had left in a Hyundai Genesis. Officers broadcast this information over the radio. The second man said he had recorded the fight on his cell phone video camera which officers then viewed. Officers observed the video and scrolled to a moment when the license plate of the Hyundai could be clearly read. Officers then broadcasted the correct license plate over the radio.

In the video, officers observed the first male, the victim was standing with his back to the rear left passenger door of his vehicle in a manner consistent with a defensive posture. Directly in front of the victim stood another male, the suspect. The victim asked what the suspect wanted and why he had come behind him. The victim told the suspect to “go,” and gestured to the suspect to back away. The suspect said, “F*** you.” The victim repeatedly told the suspect to “go.” The suspect responded responded, “you go… you f***ing goddam learning how to f***ing…”

The suspect took a step back with his right foot and held his fists clenched at his sides while the victim repeatedly told him to go. In between multiple attempts the victim made to get the suspect to go away, the suspect said the following statements to the victim:

“Don’t f***ing try me, man.”

“You’re about two seconds…”

“I don’t give a f*** that all your f***ing friends…”

The victim asked the suspect why he was there and gestures to the space where his vehicle was parked and tells the suspect it was his area and it was his car. The suspect responded, “I’m about to f***ing…yeah.” The victim said he was calling the police now, when the suspect yelled loudly, “SHUT THE F*** UP!” and then lunged at the victim, grabbing him by the throat with both hands and slamming him against the left rear passenger door of the vehicle.

The victim swung his phone which was in his right hand and struck the suspect twice on the left side of his face. Both individuals began shoving back and forth, and the suspect pushed away and backed up toward the front of the victim’s vehicle. The victim ran back to the suspect, grabbing him by the collar of the shirt and attempting to hold him there. The suspect shoved and pulled away, trying to escape the victim’s grasp, and the victim asked several onlookers to call the police and record what was happening. After a few moments, another unidentified male came up and broke the two males apart. The suspect walked back to his vehicle and entered the driver seat. The video recording clearly captured the front license plate. The suspect then slowly backed his vehicle up and drove away.

During the scuffle, the suspect’s shirt came up near his waistband several times revealing a dark object tucked into his waistband near his right hip. The object’s shape was consistent with a handgun. While officers viewed the video, another officer advised he had located the suspect’s Hyundai near 4200 S. International Pkwy. Officers stopped the vehicle and found the suspect was the driver and detained him.

During the detention, officers located a handgun on the suspect’s hip consistent with what the victim relayed earlier. Through the second man’s translation, the victim advised he felt pain as he was attacked by the suspect and does desire prosecution for the assault. Without any apparent provocation, the suspect breached the peace by intentionally and knowingly attacking the victim when he grabbed him by the throat and slammed his body against the door panel of the vehicle. The suspect was charged with Assault Causing Bodily Injury.

Officers confirmed the item they observed on the video was indeed a handgun located in the same area of the suspect’s waistband. When the suspect attacked the victim, he was engaged in criminal activity other than a Class C misdemeanor, and he intentionally and knowingly carried on his person the handgun. The suspect was also was charged with Unlawful Carrying Weapons. When the victim’s body was slammed against the body of the door, it caused a large dent in the body panel. Because of the suspect’s recklessness in attacking the victim and causing the damage to the vehicle, the suspect was also charged with Reckless Damage.

Public Intoxication

August 2, 11:30 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal D Gate 17 in reference to an unknown police call. Upon arrival, officers made contact with an American Airlines employee. The employee informed officers that a male passenger was intoxicated and irate. The employee stated the passenger was denied boarding because of his level of intoxication. The passenger started to curse and went behind the ticket counter at D17 and got on the loud speaker, yelling profanity.

Officers made contact with the passenger, and noticed he had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. The passenger also had watery eyes and had slurred speech. The passenger stated he was upset because they denied him boarding. The passenger advised he had missed his earlier flight at 6:45 p.m. because he was drinking at a bar. Officers asked the passenger if he had any identification, which he said “yes” and handed them a passport. Officers asked the passenger if he had an actual state ID, he informed them it was in his wallet. The passenger then said “don’t you have my wallet.” Officers informed the passenger he did not hand them a wallet and he started searching for his wallet in his bag.

The passenger admitted he went behind the counter at D17 and starting speaking on the loud speaker. Officers asked the passenger how much he’s had to drink, which he was unable to tell them. The passenger then said “I’ve had four drinks since I’ve been in Dallas.” Based on their observation, the passenger’s eyes were watery and glassy, his being unsteady on his feet and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. Officers believed the passenger was intoxicated to the degree of being a danger to himself or another if left alone. The passenger was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication and transported to Station One jail.

Public Intoxication

August 3, 2:30 p.m.  

Three officers were dispatched to an intoxicated subject located at Terminal A, A24 at Pappadeaux. DFW Communications advised the subject was wearing an orange shirt with flower prints and khaki shorts. Upon arrival, the employees at Pappadeaux stated the subject was highly intoxicated and yelling at other customers at the bar. Officers were advised the male exited the restaurant and was possibly heading towards Dallas Cowboys Club at A21.

On the way to A21, officers noticed a white male matching the description talking to a security officer at A24. Officers observed the subject was swaying and unsteady on his feet. When officers approached the gentleman, they could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath. When asked for his identification, the suspect fumbled through his wallet. The suspect advised he did not know where he left his bags. He also was unable to recall which checkpoint he came through.

The suspect stated he went to Popeye’s, Dallas Cowboys Club then to Pappadeaux. Officers asked the suspect if he knew how many drinks he’s had today and he replied “three beers.” The suspect could not recall which hotel he stayed at last night and was unable to tell us how he arrived to the airport. Officers attempted to locate the suspect’s property with negative results. As officers continued to speak with the suspect, they noticed his eyes were watery and bloodshot and had a slurred speech. The suspect was traveling to Madrid alone.

Due to the suspect’s aggressive behavior towards other passengers, not remembering where he stayed last night or how he arrived at the airport, unsteady on his feet and traveling alone, officers determined the suspect was a danger to himself and or others. The suspect was placed under arrest for public intoxication.

Driving While Intoxicated

August 4, 12:30 a.m.

Two officers responded to the North Cell Phone parking lot located at 1400 South International Parkway concerning a traffic collision involving two vehicles. While driving to the location, officers noticed the mobile digital computer (MDC) in the patrol vehicle indicated the collision involved a Chevy Silverado and a Ford pickup truck. The MDC indicated the driver of the pickup truck was a Hispanic male driver who may have been drinking.

When officers arrived at approximately 12:50 a.m., they noticed a silver pickup truck parked facing eastbound in the parking lot. Officers also noticed a red pickup truck parked facing eastbound and immediately south of the silver pickup truck. The left rear side of the red pickup truck was positioned near the right rear side of the silver pickup truck. The officers got out of the patrol vehicle and one spoke to a female subject standing near of the silver pickup truck while the other officer made contact with a Hispanic male subject who was standing near the red pickup truck.

The female subject, said she had been sitting in the driver’s seat inside her parked vehicle when saw the red pickup truck drive past her and then park. The red pickup truck then slowly backed up along the passenger side of her vehicle. The female subject said the red pickup truck then collided into the rear of her vehicle. She said another unknown person in the parking lot had briefly spoken to the Hispanic male subject while in the parking lot. The unknown person told the female subject they believed they could “smell alcohol” on the Hispanic male’s breath. The female subject said she could not tell herself because she had bad allergies.

Officers then spoke to the male subject, who was identified by his Mexico identification card. The male said he spoke Spanish but he also said he spoke a little English. Officers requested a Spanish speaking officers respond to the scene for translation. Officers attempted to ask the Hispanic male some questions based on their limited ability to speak Spanish. It appeared that the male said the red pickup truck belonged to him, he did not have a driver’s license and he lived in the North Dallas area. The male also appeared to repeatedly indicate that he had not drank any beer/cerveza.

A records check showed the male was clear and his driver’s license status was ineligible. A Spanish-speaking officer arrived on scene and spoke further with the male, while officers started to gather information concerning the traffic collision. Shortly after, the male subject informed officers he drank 1 beer earlier. Officers also smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person.

Officers used the Spanish speaking officer as a translator while they spoke with the male subject. While doing so, officers noticed both of the subject’s eyes were red and watery. Officers told the subject they would be conducting an under the influence investigation to determine whether he was impaired or not. Officers asked the subject a series of investigatory questions, and also conducted a series of standardized field sobriety divided attention exercises in order to determine if he had been driving the vehicle while impaired and/or intoxicated.

The subject said he was driving the vehicle, and that he just got his vehicle out of the mechanics shop. According to the subject, his vehicle would drop a little when he applied the brakes but that it did not affect the vehicle that much. The subject said he was not diabetic, epileptic, did not have any physical impairments and was not sick. The subject said he was not under the care of a doctor or dentist. The subject said he had not taken any medication, drugs and/or controlled substances. The subject said he last slept on 08-03-18 at approximately 1 a.m. The subject said he woke up at approximately 6 a.m. The subject last ate on 08-03-18, at approximately 11:30 p.m. when he had bean tacos. The subject said he had driven from his residence in North Dallas and arrived at DFW Airport in order to meet a friend. The subject said he was driving back to his residence in North Dallas, and believed he was currently in Las Colinas, Irving. The subject said he began drinking on 08-03-18, at approximately 5:30 p.m. at his boss’ residence, which was located in Southlake. The subject said he had drank two small Corona beers. The subject said he finished them quickly and he stopped drinking at approximately 5:30 p.m. The subject said he did not feel the effects of the alcoholic drinks, and he had not drank any alcohol after the collision when he got out of his vehicle. The subject said he did not wear either prescription glasses or contacts.

Officers first checked both of the subject’s eyes for 3 qualifiers prior to conducting the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus exercise. Both of the subject’s eyes appeared to have equal pupil size and they did not display resting nystagmus. Both of the subject’s eyes appeared to display equal tracking. While they both were standing on the concrete road in the parking lot, officers explained and demonstrated the horizontal gaze nystagmus and vertical gaze nystagmus exercise to the subject which he said he understood. Officers observed a total of 6 out of 6 possible clues. The subject’s eyes did not display vertical nystagmus.

Officers then explained and demonstrated to the subject how to properly perform the Walk and Turn exercise. The subject said he understood and agreed to perform the exercise. Officers had the subject use an imaginary line for the exercise. During the exercise, officers observed 4 of a possible 8 clues.

Officers then explained and demonstrated to the subject on how to properly perform the One Leg Stand exercise. The subject said he understood and agreed to perform the exercise. The subject choose to raise his left foot. During the exercise officers observed 2 of a possible 4 clues.

Based on the female subject’s statements, the officers’ observations and the male subject’s standardized field sobriety exercises, officers felt the male subject did not have the normal use of his mental and physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol into the body. The subject was operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway and he could not safely operate the motor vehicle without putting himself or others in danger of injury. Officers placed the subject under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated.

Public Intoxication

August 4, 8 p.m.

Two officers responded to an intoxicated subject at the Rio Mambo located at Terminal D18 secure side. Upon arrival officers met with a Rio Mambo employee, who informed them the intoxicated subject had already left, and was currently sleeping in the passenger seating area across from Rio Mambo at Terminal D18 secure side.

Officers walked over and woke up the intoxicated subject in order to speak to him. The intoxicated subject was later identified by an Australia Passport. Officers detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on the subject’s breath. Officers observed the subject’s eyes were glassy, and also noticed he had an obvious sway as he stood in front of them. The subject also had difficulties with his speech at times.

Officers asked the subject if he had too much to drink. The subject admitted to drinking too much. Officers also asked the subject if he was traveling with anyone. The subject informed officers he was traveling alone. Officers then asked the subject for identification. The subject attempted to hand over his debit card. The subject was eventually able to provide his passport. The subject said he was waiting for his flight.

Based on observations (including the subject’s own admission of drinking too much), officers determined he was intoxicated to the point where he would be a danger to himself and/or others if left unattended. The subject had no one to take responsibility of him, and if allowed to board his flight, officers did not believe he could follow the flight crew instructions in case of an emergency. For these reasons the subject was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.