Dozens Protest Latest Travel Ban Ruling in Downtown Dallas

Dozens of demonstrators gathered in Downtown Dallas in protest of Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling.

The Council on American Islamic Relations hosted the rally at Dealey Plaza. Among the speakers were refugees from the Middle East, including some from the countries under the ban.

The speeches at the protest were a mix of bewilderment at the decision, but also optimism about how North Texas, in particular, responded when the first version of the travel ban went into place and how many protested at DFW airport.

Some of the people who spoke with FOX 4 feel like what happened on Tuesday was worse than when the initial travel ban went into place. They feel as if it is not just the president who is coming after their way of life but also that the Supreme Court, which has now validated the president’s ban.

Protesters also remarked that this is part of a bigger assault on immigrants. They talked about what’s been happening on the border with the separation of families.

However, they also sought optimism that the travel ban is not the same the travel ban that many of the same people protested when it first when into effect last year and people were tied up at DFW airport. They looked to that as proof that if they protest that can lead to change.

“What we’ve learned is that when we get together the coalition of people of all races, religions, backgrounds and walks of life, we cannot be defeated unless we give up,” said Chris Hamilton, a North Texas attorney.

“When you are a minority and you go certain places in public, you get looks and stares. Especially if you’re Muslim,” said Asad Shalami a Muslim and a U.S. veteran.

Shalami served as a combat medic and is a refugee from Afghanistan. He was one of several who talked about how they feel they are viewed differently more and more since President Donald Trump took office.

The speakers also sought some optimism in Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissenting opinion. A few people cited portions of that opinion.

They all said this serves as motivation to urge people to get out and vote if they want to see the change they want.