DFW Crime Reports: Oct. 23 – 28

Theft October 27, 12:50 p.m.

Officers responded to a Sunglass Hut near Terminal A gate 24 in reference to a theft that just occurred. The description given of the subject was of a white male wearing a red shirt and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag headed toward the lower end gates.

As the officer was walking past gate A22, he observed a white male wearing a red shirt and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. The officer asked the subject if he recently was in Sunglass Hut and the subject said ‘yes,’ to see about getting a pair of sunglasses repaired. The officer obtained a picture of the suspect from Sunglass Hut video footage and the suspect matched. The officer went back to the store and watched the video footage. He observed the suspect enter the store and speak with an employee of Sunglass Hut. He then the subject walked to the back of the store and tried on a pair of black Gucci sunglasses, placed them down toward his waist and appeared to tear off the price tag. He then placed the tag in his front right pocket and walked out the side door of the store with the sunglasses in his hand, folded up.

The suspect then reenters the store and tries on another pair of sunglasses, puts those back then grabs a pair of brown Dior sunglasses and tears off the tag and walks out of the store without paying for the merchandise. The suspect did not freely give up the sunglasses, but was attempting to place the Gucci sunglasses in his backpack while talking to another officer. The officer asked him about the sunglasses and the suspect stated they were his. The officer then escorted him to the store to see if the glasses were the pair stolen. The employee advised they were in fact one of the pairs of glasses taken without permission. The Gucci sunglasses are valued at $345.

The suspect consented to a search of his bags, the Dior sunglasses were not located. The Dior sunglasses are valued at $425. The suspect was placed under arrest for Theft >=$750-<$2,000.

An officer went back into the terminal in attempt to find the missing Dior sunglasses without any success, but did find the two price tags from both pairs of sunglasses laying in the floor of the terminal.


Fraud, Driving while License Invalid October 26, 11:33 a.m.

A detective was traveling north on East Airfield Drive. Traveling in front of him was a white 2008 Hyundai passenger car displaying a piece of paper resembling a temporary tag. The officer called communications and was advised there was no record of the number.

The detective followed the vehicle into the American Airlines Hanger 5 parking lot. The vehicle parked in a space, and the detective pulled up nearby. He walked over to the driver. The detective explained he had concerns about the vehicle’s registration. The suspect provided his driver’s license but was not able to locate his insurance card until later in the investigation.

The detective checked the driver’s license and VIN number of the vehicle through DPS Communications. He was advised the license was invalid and the vehicle’s temp tag record was ultimately located, matching the VIN, but showed expired 09/29/2017. The piece of paper on the vehicle purporting to be a 30 day temporary tag showed a clear expiration date of 10/29/2017, valid from 09/30/2017. On closer inspection there were black marks around the ’09’ of the valid date and ’10’ of the expiration date. The detective was also advised the license had a restriction requiring an ignition interlock. The subject informed the detective he did not know he needed an interlock or that his license was suspended. The detective asked the suspect if he made the tag or bought it somewhere, and he answered he would not know how. The detective asked the suspect if he had another tag (the expired tag) and the suspect informed the detective he had one other tag but did not know where it was. The detective asked the suspect to step out of the vehicle, and informed him he was under arrest.


Public Intoxication October 26, 2:22 p.m.

An officer, was dispatched to Terminal C, Gate Counter C-26, in the waiting area in reference to a woman who had passed out and was lying in the lounge area chairs. This originally came out as an EMS assist because the woman was unresponsive.

Once on scene, the officer noticed a young woman with blond hair and a gray colored sweater, sitting on the seats by a concrete column in the waiting area. Passengers and American Airlines’ personnel were milling around the woman. The suspect was very disoriented and abruptly tried to stand as the officer approached.

The subject was situated directly in front of the Gate Counter. The officer asked the subject if she had consumed any alcoholic beverages, as he could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath and about her person. The subject replied she had consumed only one alcohol containing beverage. The subject became agitated with the officer and demanded to be able to board her flight to Jacksonville, FL. The gate counter agent informed both the subject and officer the plane boarding for this gate was flying to Pensacola, FL, and not Jacksonville.

The subject made a motion toward the jet bridge and was so unsteady she almost toppled over forward as well as backward. The suspect had very bloodshot and runny eyes. The officer asked the subject for a boarding pass, and she showed him a smart phone. He asked the subject if this was her boarding pass, and she said it was. The image on the subject’s phone was her security unlock screen. The officer pointed this fact out to the subject, and she became very contentious. She kept repeating, “So, whaddya want? My Boarding pass? Here it is” All the while still showing the officer the unlock screen on her smart phone. He asked the subject if she had someone in the area who could come pick the subject up now.

The subject responded her boyfriend would do so. The officer spoke to the boyfriend on the subject’s phone, and the boyfriend informed the officer that he was currently in Orlando, FL, and no one in the DFW area could pick up the subject.

The officer placed the subject under arrest for Public Intoxication.

Upon escorting the subject out to the transport patrol vehicle, she could not stand or walk without swaying, could not speak clearly, and had wide ranging emotional swings. While trying to escort the subject to the awaiting transport vehicle, she became very combative and verbally lashed out at everyone around her. While going through the revolving door at C-26, the suspect, while wearing only flip flop style shoes, repeatedly kicked the metal door, with her exposed toes on her right foot, many times while trying to refuse to be escorted by an officer.

Out at the curb, the subject was more combative and would not comply with the search incident to arrest proceedings that were trying to be completed by a second officer. The subject was stiffening up and twisting around as to make the search almost impossible. The officers commanded the subject to spread her feet and stop resisting the lawful search. The subject tried to wrap up the officer’s legs with her legs. When the officer stepped away from this attempt, the subject kicked the officer in the leg. The subject was very argumentative and tried to resist while the officers were loading her in to the patrol vehicle.


Non-DFW warrant October 27, 3:31 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal D, United States Customs and Border Protection, in reference to an outstanding non-DFW warrant.

Upon arrival, the officers met with an USCBP officer who informed the DFW officers a suspect was showing a possible warrant from Dallas County Sheriff’s Office for sexual assault on a $100,000 bond.

The suspect arrived at DFW to fly outbound on an Interjet flight to Mexico City. After speaking with the USCBP officer, the DFW officers confirmed the above listed warrant through DFW Communications. The DFW officers placed the suspect under arrest for the warrant, handcuffed and searched him incident to arrest.


Driving while Intoxicated October 27, 5:20 a.m.

An officer was dispatched to a possible accident at the 6E parking lot. Upon arrival, the officer observed a red Dodge pickup which had collided head on with the rear end of a parked vehicle.

The officer approached the Dodge pickup first, where someone was slumped over the steering wheel. The vehicle was running. The officer tapped on the window several times, attempting to make contact with the driver. After a few minutes, the driver rolled the down the window. The officer asked the driver what going on and the driver stated “nothing at all.” The officer asked the driver if he was aware of his surrounding and he stated “I just feel asleep.” The driver was unaware he had collided with an unoccupied legally parked vehicle.

As the officer spoke with the driver, the officer could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle. The officer asked the suspect where he was headed. He seemed confused and disoriented. The officer asked again and the driver advised he was heading home. The officer asked the suspect where home was and he said Grand Prairie. The officer observed, while talking to the suspect, that he spoke very slowly and his eyes were glassy and watering. The officer asked the suspect if he knew what time it was and he stated it was “two o’clock” in the morning.

The officer asked the suspect if he had consumed any alcohol. The suspect advised he had consumed two drinks. The officer asked the suspect to exit the vehicle in order to conduct the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. As the suspect walked away from his vehicle, the officer noticed he was unsteady on his feet. The officer asked the suspect again how much alcohol he had consumed. The suspect advised two drinks. The driver stated he just left the Dave Chappelle Comedian play in Irving. The suspect had receipts from Sparks Sports Bar, in North Richland Hills showing at approximately 11:09 p.m., he purchased two premium liquor and two well drinks.

Based on the driving clues, personal contact, and the field sobriety test, the officer felt the suspect did not have the normal use of his mental and physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol into the body. The suspect was operating a motor vehicle in a public place and could not safely operate a motor vehicle without putting himself or others in danger of injury. The suspect was not aware he had collided with a parked vehicle. The suspect was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated and handcuffed.


Public Intoxication October 27, 8:22 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Gate A-09 in reference to an intoxicated female on the jet bridge.

Upon arrival, the officers observed a white female in the gate area cursing and talking very loudly to American Airlines’ employees. The suspect also had a hard time keeping her balance as she was walking in the gate area. The officer asked the female to calm down. An American Airlines’ supervisor told the officer the suspect was removed from an AA flight en route West Palm Beach, FL, because she was cursing and being belligerent on the plane. The supervisor also said prior to boarding the flight, the suspect threw a $10 bill at the pilot. The supervisor said he could smell alcohol on the suspect’s breath and decided to call DFW Airport Police.

The officer identified the suspect by her U.S. passport. The suspect told me she was not sure why she was removed from the flight. The officer explained to the suspect what the AA supervisor said why she was removed from the flight. The suspect said she did not remember either incident. While talking with the suspect, the officer could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about her person. The suspect’s speech was slurred and her eyes were glossy. The suspect said she was traveling alone and did not have anyone to care for her. Because the suspect was a danger to herself and others, the officer placed her under arrest for Public Intoxication.


Public Intoxication October 27, 6:45 a.m.

Two officers were dispatched to a call at the Hyatt Regency, regarding a disturbance in the lobby.

Upon arrival the officer met with the reporting party who advised a group of males walked into the lobby and created a disturbance by yelling profanity and scaring guests. The reporting party advised the suspects seemed to be intoxicated. They advised only one male stayed in the lobby, continuing to create a disturbance.

At this time an individual approached the two officers, who was later identified as the suspect, advising he was brought to the hotel with his friends, and they left him to pay the limo driver. The limo driver was not on scene upon our arrival. The officer could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the suspect when he spoke.

The suspect explained the limo driver was no longer at the hotel, but said he was being forced to pay the bill. The suspect was speaking aggressively towards the officers during this conversation. The officers asked him if he had anyone who could come pick him up from the hotel, and he advised he did not. The officers asked him if he wanted to call an Uber to take him home, and he advised he did not because he had to pay the bill from the first ride. The officers asked him if he knew where he was, and he advised he was in Uptown Dallas and he had just walked out of the club. The officers asked him if he was willing to leave the Hyatt Regency, and he advised he still had to pay the limo driver. The officers observed this person stumbling on his feet when he walked, and he was displaying a loss of balance and slurred speech.

The subject was intoxicated in a public place and was a danger to himself or others. Officers placed the subject under arrest for Public Intoxication.


Possession of Marijuana October 23, 5:22 p.m.

Two cops were dispatched to the Terminal B, Gate 24 bag room in response to a bag smelling like marijuana. Upon arrival, the officers met with an Envoy Air employee. The employee advised while sorting through luggage, he smelled marijuana coming from a bag, later identified as a black computer bag. At this time, the employee advised he notified his supervisor and secured the bag until police arrived.

The employee directed the officers to the location of the black bag. The officers searched the bag and located a white paper bag with an RX logo on it. Inside the bag, officers observed two plastic tubes with a green leafy substance inside which appeared to be marijuana. The officers asked the employee if he knew who the owner of the bag was, and the employee advised the bag belonged to a suspect. The suspect arrived at DFW from Los Angeles and was transferring to a flight to Tallahassee, Fla the same day.

The officers notified the gate agent at B-10 to have another employee walk behind the suspect after he scanned his boarding pass. Officers were waiting near the jet bridge door.

An officer approached the suspect and ran the suspect’s identity through DPS Communications for wants/warrants and came back with negative results. The officer then read the suspect his Miranda warning, and the suspect advised he would answer the officer’s questions. The officer asked the suspect if he had checked a bag, and the suspect replied yes. The officer asked the suspect if he packed said bag, and he replied he did. The officer asked the suspect if he was aware of anything inside his bag that would alert the police, and he replied there’s some medicinal marijuana inside. At this time, the officer placed the suspect under arrest for Possession of Marijuana. While processing the suspect’s property, the officer found a small amount of marijuana inside a latex glove. The net weight of the marijuana from the plastic tubes and latex glove was 25.79 grams and gross weight was 35.01 grams.