DFW Crime Reports: November 6-12

Unauth use of Motor Vehicle, Drug/Narcotic Violations, Flight-Escape Class C, Tamper W/Govern Rcd, Forgery/Counterfeiting
November 9, 7:16 p.m.

DFW/DPS Communications broadcast over the radio there was a theft in progress at 2424 E. 38th St. (Hertz Rental Counter). Communications advised employees of Hertz recognized an individual as a suspect from a previous theft of a vehicle from their lot.

The suspect was reported to be attempting to steal another vehicle from the Hertz rental lot. Communications further advised the reporting party called the suspect back to the rental counter in an attempt to stall.

Five officers assisted with this call.

Officers arrived on scene at the lower level bus loop roadway and exited a marked patrol vehicle. The officers began walking toward the front entrance to the rental car center, when they heard a male voice from the front parking lot to the west yell out, “She’s over there. She’s running.” The officers turned and began running toward the parking lot and passed a male, later identified as Hertz manager. The manager yelled, “Over there!” as officers passed, pointed west at a person wearing a dark hooded jacket running westbound toward International Pkwy. The officers continued running after the suspect, broadcasting her location and direction of travel over the radio.

Officers yelled out several times for the suspect to “don’t move,” “get on the ground,” and “stop,” but the suspect continued to flee. The officers caught up with the suspect approximately 210 yards west of the front entrance doors to the Rental Car Center. She stopped, turned toward the officers and began walking. The officers drew department issued handguns and pointed them at the suspect and yelled verbal commands for her to get on the ground. The officers commanded the suspect to lie on her belly and put her hands out to the side. The suspect complied with officers’ commands, and as she did, she dropped a dark clutch wallet and cell phone. Officers continued to cover the suspect until the suspect was placed into handcuffs.

Another officer arrived in his marked patrol vehicle and checked the suspect for weapons. An officer asked the suspect for her name. The officers immediately recognized the name as a suspect from a report. An officer asked the suspect why she was running, and she said a man in yellow was chasing her (presumably the Hertz manager). An officer asked the suspect where her ID was, and she said she did not have it.

The suspect said a man in yellow (indicating the manager) still had her ID. The officers spoke with the manger and another Hertz employee, who handed the officers a paper TX Temporary Permit advising it was what the suspect had presented to Hertz.

The officers noted the paper TX Temporary Permit displayed an image of reasonable likeness to the suspect and listed a driver license number.

The officers returned to the front of the Rental Car Center and informed the suspect she was under arrest for Tampering with a Governmental Record because she knowingly presented the fictitious ID while attempting to rent the vehicle.

Officers searched the suspect and located clear plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance. Officers observed a smell of marijuana emitting from the baggie. Officers also located on the suspect’s person, a set of Hertz rental car keys (to a 2017 Dodge Challenger). The key to the Challenger was later determined to belong to the Hertz owned vehicle which the suspect was suspected of previously renting under fraudulent means

Officers asked the suspect what car she was driving today and she stated it was a SUV. Officers asked the suspect where the Dodge Challenger was, and she said she did not have a Challenger. Officers told the suspect she had keys to a Challenger and asked if she knew where it was parked. The suspect said she did not have a Challenger. Officers asked the suspect how she got to the Rental Car Center and she said she arrived by Uber.

The suspect said she no longer had a Dodge Challenger, because someone picked it up from where she had parked at her hotel, which she later advised was an Extended Stay America. Officers asked when the Challenger had been picked up, and the suspect said it was earlier that day, and because it had been picked up, she had come back to the Rental Car Center to get another car. The suspect then advised the Challenger was picked up by either Hertz or a police department. The suspect stated she had checked out of her room at the Extended Stay and was staying with a friend who also had a room at the Extended Stay.

Officers went to speak with the manager who advised he was assisting a customer near the rental lot exit gate when he observed the suspect driving another vehicle (a Land Rover Discovery). The manager told the officers he recognized the suspect as the suspect of the rental/theft of the Dodge Challenger, so he approached her and asked her to re-park the SUV. He would help her check out at the counter. The manager said the suspect parked the Land Rover, and he asked for her ID before she returned to the counter. The manager said the suspect handed him the fictitious TX Temporary Permit as he secured the keys and locked the vehicle. The manager said he informed the general manager, who requested police, and then he attempted to stall the suspect. The manager said the suspect told him she was going to the restroom and walked away. The manager stated he followed the suspect from a distance to observe her. When he saw officers arrive in marked patrol vehicles, she ran outside and into the parking lot. The suspect was charged with Evading Arrest.

The manager explained the suspect had somehow created a fraudulent Hertz “Gold Member” customer profile using the fictitious license and because “Gold Members” do not need to check in at the rental counter before retrieving their respective rentals. The suspect had simply walked outside and gotten into the Land Rover. The manager advised because the customer profile was created fraudulently, the suspect does not have effective consent to operate the Land Rover and Hertz desires prosecution against the suspect.

The suspect was charged Unauthorized use of Vehicle.

The green leafy substance was tested with NARK II Reagent and the kit indicated positive results for Marijuana. The green leafy substance (Net Wt. – .04oz) was packaged and submitted to DFW/DPS Support Services as evidence and the suspect was charged with Possession of Marijuana < 2OZ.

Continuing the inventory of the suspect’s property officers located and seized several credit cards, magnetics strip cards, pieces of papers with credit card numbers, and two cell phones. The officers performed a search on the Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) for the credit/debit cards in the suspect’s possession and discovered the respective issuing banks as printed on five of the six cards did not match the BINs.

On one of the credit cards, the embossed characters are crooked and of a smaller font than the rest of the characters. The suspect had altered several credit/debit cards to be taken as genuine credit/debit cards. The suspect was charged with Forgery.


Drug/Narcotic Violations
November 11, 4:07 a.m.

Two officers observed a Black Toyota Camry Traveling south at 3400 South Service not displaying a license plate. Officers activated the emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop for the violations.

Upon approaching the vehicle, officers observed a Texas license plate, lying in the rear window. Officers identified themselves as police officers with DFW Airport DPS and explained the reason for the stop and requested his driver’s license and proof of insurance. Officers smelled an odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The suspect handed the officers his driver’s license.

Officers requested DFW/DPS Communication check through NCIC/TCIC and was advised he was clear.

Officers had the suspect step out and talked with him at the rear of his vehicle. Officers asked him if there was anything illegal on his person to which he replied, “No, you can search me.” Officers performed a search of his person but did not find anything. Officers asked him if there was anything illegal in the vehicle to which he replied ‘no.’ Officers told him they could smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from him as well as the vehicle and asked if he had recently smoked in the vehicle or if there was any left in the vehicle to which he responded ‘no.’ Officers asked the suspect if they could have his consent to search his vehicle to which he said ‘yes.’

Officers searched under the driver’s seat of the vehicle and located a swisher package with two blunts in between the seat cushion and plastic trim on the front side of the driver’s seat. Officers located a brown paper bag containing a green leafy substance in the small, front pocket of a pink backpack located in the trunk of the vehicle. They also located a Delta boarding pass and airline receipt type document folded into a makeshift envelope containing a green leafy substance in the side pocket of the same pink backpack.

Additionally, a package of Kushy Punch 25 MG Sativa gummies was located in a small compartment located on the dash to the lower left of the steering wheel. Officers believed the green leafy substance to be marijuana. Officers seized the 2 blunts in the swisher package, package of Kushy Punch 25 MG Sativa gummies, brown paper bag containing marijuana, and the folded Delta boarding pass containing marijuana as evidence.

Because the suspect was in possession of THC, other than marihuana, and synthetic equivalents of the substances contained in the plant, or in the resinous extractives of Cannabis, or synthetic substances, derivatives, and their isomers with similar chemical structure (Kushy Punch 25 MG Sativa gummies), Officers charged the suspect with Possession Of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 2 >= 1G <. Because the suspect knowingly or intentionally possessed a usable quantity of marihuana, officers charged the suspect with Possession of Marihuana <2 OZ. The suspect was placed under arrest.

Officers asked him about the marijuana located under the driver’s seat to which he replied it was not his, but that he was in possession of it so he would take the blame for it. He stated he was trying to hide it when officers initially approached the vehicle. Officers asked him about the marijuana located in the backpack to which he stated it was his girlfriend’s but would not say what her name was.

The green leafy substance (Net Wt. – .31oz) and the Kushy Punch 25 MG Sativa (Net Wt. – 3.5g) was packaged and submitted to DFW/DPS Support Services as evidence.


Public Intoxication
November 11, 1:31 p.m.

Three officers were dispatched to Terminal C, Gate 31 near TGI Fridays, in reference to an intoxicated W/F wearing a black jacket and a black bag.

Upon arrival officers located a female matching the description given by DFW Communications speaking with a TSA Agent. Officers asked the subject, ‘how are you doing today?’ She stated she was fine and was heading home. Officers informed the subject he was responding to a call to TGI Fridays regarding someone not paying their bill. The subject said she was there and had a hamburger and left and was later approached for not paying her bill. She stated she didn’t know if she had paid for it or not and went back to give them her debit card.

Officers asked the subject if she had any drinks, and she said she had whatever you gave me on the plane. Officers explained to the subject he did not give her anything. She stated she had two drinks on the plane and one drink at TGI Fridays. Multiple times throughout the investigation the subject relayed to the officers her sister was murdered. The subject was not able to maintain her composure; her emotional stability was fluctuating up and down. The subject continued shouting using foul language every time she would look at the TSA Agent saying “she wouldn’t let me smoke.” After being asked for Identification, the subject failed to follow Officer’s commands and continued to yell out loud throwing down an item she had in her hand causing a disturbance.

Due to the facts, the subject was intoxicated in a public place, showing signs of being a danger to herself or others, and causing a disturbance. Officers placed her under arrest for Public Intoxication.


Abandon Endanger Child W/Intent To Return
November 11, 10:01 p.m.

Four officers were dispatched to an Assist Airline at Terminal C Gate 22 in reference to an abandoned infant.

Upon arrival the officers met with American Airlines Agents. Sitting on the ground next to the agents at the gate in a car seat was a small baby. The baby was completely naked. The agents advised they had been watching the baby for “awhile.” Officers asked if the mother appeared intoxicated to any degree, and they advised they did not think so.

Agents stated while boarding the flight a passenger came to the counter stating she needed to get to her gate and another passenger left her baby and belongings with her while she went to smoke, and that she had been gone for a long time. The Agents then called their supervisor. The supervisor advised the female had previously approached the gate counter asking about her checked luggage.

Agents advised when she came on scene, she spoke with the passenger who stated she didn’t know the lady or when she was coming back for her flight. The passenger advised she had to leave for her flight. She then turned the child and the lady’s purse over to the supervisor. At this time, the supervisor called DFW PD.

After speaking with the airlines staff, officers approached the mother at Terminal C Entry 19 (Non-Secure Side). The mother informed officers she went outside to make a phone call, smoke a cigarette, and look for her luggage. The mother advised she wasn’t able to get back through TSA Checkpoint, because she left her boarding pass and identifying information with her baby at the gate. She stated she knew the passenger who she gave her baby to. Officers asked her for the name and the address of the individual she spoke with.

She advised she gave her baby to a woman. Officers contacted the airlines to see if this woman was on the flight, the airlines could not confirm she was on any flight. The mother also advised she could not remember the address the supposed “woman” gave her. The mother admitted in the past few days she had smoked Marijuana. The mother also admitted she had been arrested in the past for indecent exposure.

While the other officers were searching the mother’s belongings Officers contacted CPS in regards to the incident and relayed this information to them. A CPS report was generated, and a CPS agent was sent to Station One to pick up the baby.

The mother was placed into custody for Abandoning a Child.


Public Intoxication
November 11, 11:56 p.m.

Three officers were dispatched to Terminal A, TSA Checkpoint 35 in reference to an intoxicated female who was urinating on the floor at the checkpoint.

Upon arrival, the officers observed a yellow trail of urine from where the TSA podium was to just past the magnetometer. They observed a female standing in a puddle of urine, feet spread apart with her hands already behind her back as if they were in handcuffs. The officers approached the female. They asked the subject how much she had to drink, she stated ‘what do you mean? I’m just trying to get through the line.’ The officers could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about her person, and she had slurred her speech.

At this point, the officers felt the subject was a danger to herself or others and placed her under arrest for public intoxication. As the officers were escorting the subject, she continued to state she was going to urinate. As the officers stood at entry A-35, the subject tried several times to remove her pants and urinate on the ground. After the subject realized she could not remove her pants, she would not stand up so officers sat her on the ground.

DPS Communications notified the officers the subject had a NON DFW WARRANT out of Dallas County