DFW Crime Reports: November 2-4

Three Charges Of Drug/Narcotic Violations, Two Charges Of Forgery Financial Instrument, Forgery/Counterfeiting, Tamper W/Govern Rcd, Credit Card Or Debit Card Abuse, Fraud Use/Poss Identifying Info
November 2, 10:50 p.m.

A DFW Officer received a phone call from Alamo/National Rental Car Company manager, stating there was a female present at the counter who was attempting to rent a vehicle with a fake ID card. The officer asked the manager to describe the female, and she advised the suspect was a thin build white female with blond hair about 5’6” tall. The officer notified DFW/DPS Communications via radio.

As officers arrived, they observed a female of reasonable likeness to the suspect walking out the main entrance doors and crossing the street. They approached the female, and asked her if she had been renting a vehicle from Alamo Rental. The suspect said she was trying to rent from thrifty rental company, but Thrifty would not accept her “paper ID.” The officers asked her where her ID was, and she gestured back toward the building and said “they have it.” The officers told the suspect the rental car company believed the ID she presented was fake, and they instructed her to walk back inside. The suspect complied. As they were walking back inside, the officers asked the suspect for her name, and she responded, but they could not hear her. The officers asked the suspect to repeat her name and she said, “It’s…It’s… my boyfriend. It’s… it’s not a real ID.” The suspect advised her boyfriend was parked in a black Ford Explorer SportTrac in the front parking lot.

The officers asked for the suspect’s full name and date of birth, which she provided as well as her TXID number.

The officers asked her for the name of her boyfriend in the parking lot. The officers observed her holding a small light green clutch style wallet. The officers asked the suspect what was in the wallet. She opened the wallet, and they observed a credit card inside. They asked her what the credit card was and she said it was hers. The officers asked her if the credit card was in her name, and she said it was not. The suspect said the credit card bore the same name as the “paper ID” she had presented to rent a vehicle. The officers seized the credit card from the suspect and asked her where she got it.

The suspect explained she got the credit card from her boyfriend, but stated she did not know where he got it from. The officers asked what the plan was, and she said it was to rent a car so her boyfriend would have a vehicle to drive, because he did not have one. The officer met with the manager, who showed the officer the TX Temporary ID. The manager also handed the officers another credit card advising the suspect had presented it in her attempt to rent the vehicle. The manager said an Alamo representative came into the office with the paper ID and credit card the suspect had presented. The manager said he advised her the ID the suspect had presented was fake.

The officers noted the paper TX Temporary Permit displayed an image of reasonable likeness to the suspect and listed a driver license number. Communications further advised the record status showed the licensee to be licensed in another state.

The officers spoke with Alamo representative, who collected the ID and credit card from the suspect. He said the suspect approached the counter and asked for a weekly rate on a vehicle and provided a paper Texas Temporary driver license and a pre-paid credit card. The representative said he immediately knew based on his experience with fraudulent ID presented to him, the license the suspect presented was fictitious. The representative said he told the suspect they could not accept the credit card, but he would check with his manager. The representative said he came into the office to call the police.

The suspect intentionally and knowingly presented the fictitious driver’s license with the intent that it be taken as genuine and with intent to defraud Alamo Rental Car. She also, with the intent to obtain a rental car, forged two credit cards, one of which she presented at the counter knowing it was fictitious. Logan was placed under arrest for TAMPERING WITH GOVERNMENTAL, FORGERY, and CREDIT CARD ABUSE. The suspect said she had left her dog inside a hotel room and asked the officers if she could call her daughter to go to the hotel and take custody of the dog. The officers said ok, and she provided the unlock passcode to her phone which they unlocked in her view. As the phone unlocked, they observed several text messages between the suspect and her boyfriend, which she stated the card did not work at the Dollar counter and Alamo was checking. A text from the suspect and the boyfriend stated she was nervous.

The officers conducted an inventory of the suspect’s purse and located a small clear plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance and three syringes, one of which was filled with approximately .25ml of a black liquid substance. The remaining two syringes containing residual amount of a black liquid substance with a purple tint. The officers believed the black liquid substance in the syringe was heroin or fentanyl. The syringe containing the .25ml of black liquid substance was weighed in its entirety at 2.5 grams. The small clear plastic baggie of the white powdery substance weighed .4grams.

The suspect was checked through NCIC/TCIC and Communications advised she had a warrant from Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office.

Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the following warrant on Logan: Violation Of Probation Burglary of a Habitation—No Bond.


Non-DFW Warrant
November 3, 8:48 a.m.

An officer was conducting speed enforcement in the 3500 block of North Service Road when he observed a green Honda Accord traveling northbound at a high rate of speed. He confirm the suspect‘s vehicle speed (65/45 mph). The officer got behind the vehicle and activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop in the 2300 block of Walnut Hill.

Upon contacting the driver, the officer informed the suspect the reason for the traffic stop was for speeding. DFW Communications advised of warrants on the license plate for the suspect.

DFW Communications advised the suspect had outstanding warrants out of Lewisville PD. The officer requested DFW Communications to confirm the warrants. DFW Communications informed the officer of confirmation from Lewisville PD and the suspect was placed in custody.


Public Intoxication
November 4, 1:40 a.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal E, Gate 31 in reference to an EMS Assist male locked in a bathroom stall. Communications advised there was an unresponsive male on the bathroom floor. Additional details provided advised the male was breathing but not talking to the caller.

When the officers arrived, the intoxicated male was laying unresponsive on the floor inside the handicap stall of the men’s bathroom. The officers made several attempts to talk to the patient, but he was passed out. The officers observed the patient had a cut on his forehead, but the cut did not look like it was very recent. The officers were able to get the door to the stall open where they saw the patient wearing only a shirt, jacket, underwear, and socks.

The officers observed the individual had urinated in his underwear as well as his pants which were located on the bathroom floor adjacent to where he was laying. Once the subject started to wake up, the officers assisted him to his feet, and attempted to ask him some questions, but he was too incoherent to understand or answer any questions. The officers noted there was a strong odor of an alcohol beverage coming from his person, and he was extremely unsteady on his feet. The officers also observed the subject’s eyes were extremely bloodshot and watery.

EMS checked the subject’s vital signs and determined his cut on his forehead was not fresh and determined he did not need to be transported to the hospital. Since the subject was intoxicated in a public place to the degree that if left alone, he may be a danger to himself or others, he was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.


Non-DFW Warrant
November 4, 6:25 a.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal D, United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) in reference to an outstanding non-DFW warrant.

Upon arrival, the officers met with a USCBP Officer who informed the officers a suspect was showing a possible warrant from Collin County Sheriff’s Office for Larceny, $10,000 bond.

The suspect arrived at DFW from Santiago, Chili on a flight. After speaking with the USCBP Officer, the officer confirmed the above listed warrant through DFW Communications.


Public Intoxication
November 4, 8:19 a.m.

Two officers were dispatched to the Wendy’s located at Terminal E, Gate 33 in reference to a possible intoxicated female.

Upon arrival, the officers met with a reporting party, who stated he had seen the female stumble and fall. The reporting party pointed toward a female who was seated in the Wendy’s seating area. The female started to walk away from the seating area. The suspect was unsteady on her feet. The two officers made contact with her and asked her where she was headed. The suspect stated she was looking for her friend she was traveling with. The officers walked the suspect back to the seating area and asked if she could call her friend she was traveling with.

The suspect gave the officers multiple stories as to where her friend had gone and stated multiple times her phone and glasses had been stolen while she was sleeping in the seating area. The officers asked suspect for her boarding pass and she was unable to produce it. The officers asked the suspect for her identification and she first grabbed a credit card out of her wallet before handing the officers her Texas Driver’s License.

They asked for her phone number, so they could attempt to locate her phone. The suspect gave them two different phone numbers. Both phone numbers resulted with negative results. They asked her when her flight was supposed to depart, and she first stated she had missed it while waiting for her friend to return. When she was asked again when her flight was supposed to depart, she stated not until 7:07 a.m. The officers informed the suspect it was currently 8:30 a.m. and her flight had departed an hour and a half ago. While digging through her bag, the suspect finally located her boarding pass. She was scheduled to depart at 7:30 a.m. The officers asked her if she had been doing any drinking or used any drugs recently, and she stated no. The suspect stated she was bipolar, but she had not taken any of her medication recently and did not have any with her.

The officers conducted the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test on the suspect. The suspect’s eyes were not bloodshot, and there was no smell of an alcoholic beverage.

She was unable to provide a phone number for anyone who could come to the airport and take custody of her. The suspect was asked again if she knew what time it was and she stated 2 p.m.

Due to the suspect being unable to answer simple questions, her answers continually changing, unsure of the time or her travel plans, and showing 6 of 6 clues on the HGN test, the officers believe she was intoxicated to the degree that she may be a danger to herself or another person if left alone. During a search of the suspect’s property, her phone was located in her black backpack.


Public Intoxication
November 4, 9:27 a.m.

Five officers were dispatched to Terminal E, Gate 33 in reference to an intoxicated subject in a wheelchair.

Upon arrival, one of the officers was advised the intoxicated male suspect pushed an Air Serv employee. While the employee was attempting to push the suspect down the jet bridge to the aircraft in a wheelchair, the suspect became irate and pushed the employee in the chest area. The employee did not wish to file charges on the intoxicated subject. An officer interviewed the employee on his body camera. The officer stated the suspect was also observed cursing at the Envoy manager.

The officer noticed the intoxicated male sitting in his wheelchair speaking to a second officer. As the suspect was speaking with the officer, the officer could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and his speech was slurred. The officer asked the suspect how many alcoholic beverages he had today, the suspect stated two at Uno Due Go, which is located in Terminal E. The suspect was traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The officer observed the suspect to be intoxicated in a public place to the degree that if left alone, he may be a danger to himself or others. The suspect was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.


Public Intoxication
November 4, 12:09 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal C, Gate 8 in reference to a possible intoxicated male.

Upon arrival, the officers met with a reporting party who stated she had a male sitting in a wheelchair, because he was unable to stand up due to being drunk. The reporting party pointed to a male who was seated in the wheelchair in front of the gate agent desk. The male stated to the officers he wanted to go to Las Vegas.

The officers asked suspect if he had been drinking and he stated “yes”. They asked how much he had to drink; he stated 30 cans of beer. Officers asked the suspect to stand up and walk away from to ticket counter to observe his balance. He was unsteady on his feet and responded to questions with slurred speech. As the suspect spoke the officers smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. They asked the suspect for his identification, and he produced his Louisiana Identification card. He was informed that if he was able to sit in the sitting area and sober up, American Airlines would place him on the flight to Las Vegas.

The suspect stated he would sit down and not cause any more trouble. The officers advised him several times when and where his next gate was flying out and he did not comprehend. The suspect kept stating he was going to fly out now. The suspect was asked if he would sit and sober up and he stated “No.” The suspect started cursing and yelling expletives. The suspect started to cause a disturbance by screaming and cursing; the officers placed him under arrest for Public Intoxication.


Drug/Narcotic Violations (possession of marijuana)
November 4, 5:03 p.m.

Three officers were dispatched to Terminal B, American Airlines ticket counter entry B40 in reference to a silver hard case bag that smells like marihuana.

Upon arrival, contact was made with two American Airlines ticket counter agents. They reported three passengers, two white females and a white male checked in a silver hard suitcase at about 2:51 p.m. traveling to Houston. The counter agent said when he lifted the bag to place it on the conveyor belt, he smelled the odor of marihuana emitting from the bag. He then placed the bag on the floor and immediately called DFW DPS.

During the search, an officer contacted MCR to check the camera to find out the suspects’ last direction of travel. MCR sent out a picture to the Terminal Units to have proper descriptions of the suspects. MCR later advised the suspects were seen on camera at the Cantina Loredo at Gate B29. Officers went to the Cantina Loredo where suspects were located sitting down having a meal.

Contact was made with the suspects, and they were separated from each other. The male suspect was informed he arrived in Dallas the day before from Hawaii for a concert in Dallas, and he is now traveling to Houston for another concert. The male suspect said he checked in a sliver hard suitcase at the American Airlines ticket counter. The officer asked him if there was anything in the bag that the officer needed to know of. The suspect replied “yes” and informed me he had two blunts of weed in his suitcase.

He said his fans gave it to him yesterday at the concert. The officer asked the suspect if he could search his suitcase and he replied “yes”. The officer escorted the suspect to the public side at Gate 40 ticket counter where his suitcase was. The suspect positively identified his suitcase to the officer. During the search, the suspect directed the officer to look inside a brown colored shoe. As the officer put his hand inside the shoe, and found a brown wrapped paper inside a clear bag. The officer opened the clear bag and noticed a green leafy substance to be marihuana. The officer continued his search of the suitcase and found another brown paper wrap containing a green leafy substance

A second officer found a small red blade in the suspect’s backpack that had made it through the TSA screening checkpoint to the secured side of the Airport. A TSA notification was sent for the checkpoint violation.

While waiting for a transport unit, the suspect advised he wanted to release his belongings to the two females traveling with him. With the suspect’s permission, the officer made a phone call with the suspect’s phone to call the two female companions to come to ticket counter Gate 40 to take custody of the suspect’s belongings.