DFW Crime Reports: November 24-26

November 24, 12:09 p.m.

On 11/04/2017 at approximately 1209 hours, two officers were dispatched to Terminal C, Gate 8 in reference to a possible intoxicated male.

Upon arrival, officers met with a reporting party who stated she had a male sitting in a wheelchair because he was unable to stand up due to being drunk. The reporting party pointed to a male who was seated in the wheelchair in front of the gate agent desk. The male stated to the officers he wanted to go to Las Vegas.

Officers asked subject if he had been drinking and he stated “yes”. They asked how much he had to drink; he stated 30 cans of beer. Officers asked him to stand up and walk away from to ticket counter to observe his balance. He was unsteady on his feet and responded to questions with slurred speech. As he   spoke they smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. They asked him for his identification and he produced his Louisiana Identification card. He was informed that if he was able to sit in the sitting area and sober up American Airlines would place him on the 1600 hours flight to Las Vegas.

The subject stated he would sit down and not cause any more trouble. Officers advised him several times when and where his next gate was flying out, and he did not comprehend. He kept stating he was going to fly out now. Perry was asked if he would sit and sober up and he stated “No.” Perry started cursing. He started to cause a disturbance by screaming and cursing; Officers placed him under arrest for Public Intoxication PC 49.02.


November 20, 5:14 p.m.

Two were dispatched to the intersection of W 21st St. and West Airfield Dr. in reference to a suspicious person riding a bicycle with a purse tied to the handle bars.  A second officer was already on scene and talking with the individual.  Officers asked the suspect how he ended up at the airport, he stated that he was riding in his friend’s Impala and they had an argument.

His friend kicked him out of the car with all of his tools.  Officers asked him where he obtained the bicycle. He said that he traded his power tools for the bike in the Baylor area.  Officers asked about the purse which was tied to the handlebars of the bicycle. He said as he was getting out of his friends car he took the purse stating “he wasn’t going to be left with nothing”.  They asked the suspect if his friend knew he took the purse, he said that he assumes he does by now, because his friend was going to give it to his girl.

Officers asked if they could search the purse. The suspect said yes.  Officers immediately saw three credit/debit cards, two Lone Star cards, some glasses and a bunch of change inside the purse.  The suspect stated multiple times the purse and items in it were not his and he had taken them from his friend.

Officers contacted Communications and asked them to do a TCIC/NCIC check on the suspect. The return had an active warrant from Dallas Police Department (Assault Threats Family Violence Alias, $839.80 bond).  Communications advised, over the radio, they had hard copy confirmation of the warrant. The suspect was placed under arrest.

During the inventory of the purse officers located two rings, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of prescription glasses, $18.89 in change, a Bluetooth earpiece, two Wells Fargo Visa Cards, two Lone Star Cards, a Chase ATM Debt Card, and a completed Customer Application for Merchants Preferred. Because the suspect had five cards with account numbers and a credit application which contains Name, SSN, DL#, DOB, additional charges were added at Station One for Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information.


November 23, 11:18 a.m. 

Two officers responded to a call at Terminal b, Gate 27 in reference to a possible intoxicated male who was wearing a blue shirt.

Upon arrival, officers noticed an individual matching the description DFW Communications advised. The individual was standing at the customer service desk. The agent advised the subject was scheduled to Evansville, IN on Envoy Air Flight. The agent advised the airlines was not going to let the subject fly due to his level of intoxication.  Officers spoke with the gate agent who advised the subject was irate and was using profanity language.

The subject walked to a nearby bench and sat down. Officers asked the subject to stand up and walk to the other side where there were no passengers nearby.  Officers immediately smelled an odor of alcohol beverage coming from the subject’s breath. They noticed the subject had glassy eyes. The subject was slurring his speech with a thick tongue as we spoke. The subject admitted to drinking prior to making contact with him. When they asked the subject how much he had to drink, he state “a lot” and said he was drinking beer. They requested the subject to remove his backpack and as he did, he was unsteady on his feet and almost fell down.

Based upon my observations, officers believe the subject was intoxicated to a degree that he may be a danger to himself or others and was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.


November 23, 12:57 p.m.

Five officers responded to Terminal E, Gate 37 in reference to an intoxicated person.

Upon arrival, they met with an American Airlines Envoy Supervisor who advised a passenger appeared to be intoxicated. The supervisor witnessed the subject spill a drink at the Terminal E, “Uno Due Go” bar. The supervisor explained the subject left the bar stumbling back and forth. He witnessed the subject enter the restroom bouncing off the walls. The supervisor advised he could not let him board the aircraft due to him being intoxicated.

Officers made contact with the subject asking him how much he had to drink today. He advised three Wines. Officers asked if he was on any medication and he stated, “No.” They asked if he had eaten anything today and he stated,” Pizza.” They observed his eyes were watery and glassy and some of his speech was slurred. They asked him to stand up and walk towards them, turn around and walk back to his seat; they observed the subject was unsteady on his feet and they could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath and about his person. Officers asked if he had anyone to take care of him today and he stated, “No.” He advised he just wanted to fly home for “Thanksgiving.”

Based on officer’s observation, the subject’s eyes were watery and glassy, his slurred speech, him being unsteady on his feet and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person.  They believed he was intoxicated to the degree of being a danger to himself or another. He was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.


November 25, 6:10 a.m.

Three officers responded to 4200 Valley View Ln., in reference to a welfare check.  Irving PD contacted DFW DPS Communications, and asked if DFW Airport Police to check on a vehicle parked in the roadway.  Irving PD had no available units, and requested their assistance, since the person who reported it to them, said she wasn’t able to wake up the driver.

Upon their arrival, officers observed a 2006 Brown Ford F-250 (stopped in the right turn lane (Valley View N/B).  The engine was running and the lights were on.  When they first approached the vehicle from the driver’s side, they could not see into the vehicle due to the dark window tint.  Once he awoke, after several minutes, officers were able to get the driver to unlock the door.

The driver was very lethargic, and very slow to answer the officer’s questions. In addition, they observed that his eyes were glassy.   They had the driver exit the vehicle in order to conduct the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  Officers observed in plain view a hypodermic needle on the driver’s person (Right Side Cargo Pocket).  The needle was removed from his pocket, and they observed the needle to be loaded.  When asked what was in the needle, the driver replied water.  The needle contained a yellow tinted liquid that had a viscosity thicker than water.

EMS Unit responded to the scene and evaluated the driver for possible medical issues.  During the evaluation, the driver stated to Paramedics that the liquid in the needle was methamphetamine.  The driver was placed under arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance and DWI.

Based on his vehicle parked in the roadway, personal contact, and the liquid methamphetamine, officer’s felt the driver did not have the normal use of his mental and physical faculties (Lethargic, not knowing where he was, slurred speech, tracks on his arms, and mental confusion on location) by reason of the introduction of a controlled substance into the body.  He was operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway and he could not safely operate a motor vehicle without putting himself or others in danger.




November 11, 12:06 p.m

Three officers observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed on South Service Road. They observed the vehicle to be travelling at 61 mph in a 35 mph zone, and conducted a traffic stop at 3000 South Service Road.

They approached the driver’s side window, and could smell a faint scent of marijuana while standing at the driver’s door. The officers conducted a wants/warrants check through DPS Communications. DPS Communications advised Childers had possible warrants out of Fort Worth Police Department. DPS Communications confirmed five warrants out of Fort Worth.

2009 TR 038071 FMFR $440.70 ALIAS

2009 TR 038072 SPDG-FRWY-POSTED $284.70 ALIAS


2012 TR 128429 SPDG-POSTED $280.93 ALIAS

2015 TR 053094 SPDG-POSTED $343.33 ALIAS

Officers searched the suspect’s vehicle and located a clear mason jar filled with a green, leafy substance, a cigarette containing a green leafy substance, and a scale. These items were seized and were tested positive as marijuana. Officers weighed the green, leafy substance at .075oz/ 2.1 grams. The driver knowingly or intentionally possessed a usable quantity of marijuana under two ounces.


November 25, 8:10 p.m.

Four officers were dispatched to Terminal E satellite, Gate 25 to an irate passenger onboard a plane.

They arrived on scene and met with the gate agents who advised the plane had arrived and the jet bridge was being connected to the plane. Once the plane was ready to be de-boarded, a flight attendant advised them of a female passenger causing a disturbance on the plane in seat 15D. The officers made contact with the individual who was seated with another flight attendant standing next to her. The flight attendant was holding a cigarette and lighter and stated the items belonged to the passenger.  Officers asked the passenger to deboard the plane and she complied with no incident.

As they were walking down the jet bridge, officers noticed the passenger was unstable on her feet. Once they arrived in the gate area, they asked for her Texas identification. She fumbled through her purse to find it, and handed them a card that was not her identification. They continued to ask for her identification and she was unable to produce anything. They noticed the smell of alcohol emitting from her breath, and asked her how many alcoholic drinks she had and she stated “2”. At one point, the passenger dropped her purse on the floor of the gate area and was unaware of it. Officers asked her what had occurred on the plane and she was unable to answer their questions and seemed very confused. They noticed that she had to use the ticket counter for support. She was asked if she was on any medications and she stated “no” although there were several pill containers in her possession.

Officers spoke to a number of passengers and a flight attendant who stated during the course of the flight, she was praying out loud, rummaging through other passengers belongings, ate candy from a passenger’s bag, and kissed another passenger.

Officers were concerned for the safety of the passenger due to her being unstable on her feet, unable to find her identification card, and not being able to answer any of the investigation questions. Officers placed her under arrest for Public Intoxication. During the course of the transport, the passenger urinated on herself.


November 23, 6:54 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Terminal B, Lower Roadway near Entry B9, for a reported intoxicated passenger onboard a bus.

Upon arrival, the bus driver pointed them in the direction of a male, standing just outside the bus.  When they started speaking with the subject, they noticed the pupils of his eyes were dialated and he was having a hard time keeping his balance. They asked where he was coming from and he said Puerto Vallarta.  The subject’s boarding pass showed he arrived from Puerto Vallarta on American Airlines Flight at approximately 1:26 p.m. He was scheduled to depart DFW at approximately 6:25 p.m. to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but he told the officers the airlines had denied him boarding.

Officers asked the subject how much he had to drink and he said, “A couple of drinks.”  They asked if he took any drugs or prescription medication and he said he regularly takes prescription medication including Clonazepam (The instructions for taking Clonazepam state avoid alcohol as very serious interactions may occur).  As they were speaking to the subject, they observed his glasses on his face were on one eye and off the other and he did not seem to notice.  They asked why he was trying to board the Rental Car Shuttle and he said he was going to rent a vehicle to drive home to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  They asked him what time it was and he stated, “10:00.”  They also asked what day it was and what was the date, and he said, “Saturday, November 25th.”

Because Mr. Bigner was intoxicated in a public place to the degree was a danger to himself and others, he was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication (PC 49.02).  When officers asked the subject to turn around so they could place the handcuffs on him, he stumbled forward and officers had to hold him to keep him from falling face first onto the sidewalk.





November 26, 9:46 p.m.

Officers were dispatched to AJL International Car Service located at 1930 W. Airfield, Suite 500 for a report of theft.  Upon arrival, they made contact with the reporting party.   He advised there had been fraudulent charges made to his VISA credit card beginning on 11/23/2017.  He later showed the officers a statement showing the following charges:

$58.00        MetroPCS Mobile    WA

$22.17        QT                         Hurst Texas

$22.84        QT                         Hurst Texas

He had been notified of additional fraudulent charges, however they had already been removed from the statement.  He stated the charges had not been authorized and he believed a member of the cleaning crew had stolen the credit card.  He further stated he believed the cleaning person who was currently on premises and cleaning the office spaces had been captured on the security camera earlier in the evening, looking through the desk where the stolen credit card had been kept.

Officers viewed the video and the suspect can be clearly seen looking through the desk drawer where the credit cards were kept as well as transferring something to her pocket.  At the end of the video segment, she can be seen reaching for the security camera and turning it away from her.  The reporting party advised approximately 30 people from the accounting staff, himself and the cleaning crew have access to the room where the card was kept.

Officers then made contact with the suspect.  They advised her that she had been seen going through the desk and asked her if she had any reason to be going through the desk.  She advised she had not taken anything and that she was just “being nosey”, but realized she had used bad judgement in doing that.  She stated that she did not have anything to do with the stolen credit cards.  They asked if she would mind if we checked her pockets and she answered that we could.  Officers searched her pockets and no credit card or other contraband was found.  The suspect reiterated she had not taken anything however she had been working with “Freddy” on the 24th and maybe he had something to do with the theft.  She also stated she had not specifically seen him going through the desk.

While gathering additional information to complete the investigation into the fraud charges on the VISA card, from the reporting party received a fraud alert from American Express that a charge had been made against that card earlier in the evening by Boost Mobile.  He immediately took me to the desk that the suspect had been seen going through earlier and showed me the American Express Card that had been used.

Officers then shifted focus to the new charge made to the American Express Card.  Officers then went back to her and asked her “do you mind if we look at your phone”.  The phone contained a picture of the American Express Card that had been used to make the unauthorized charge.  She stated the picture had been taken two weeks ago when “Freddy” had been in possession of her phone.  The photo was found in the “recently deleted” folder.  The phone was kept as evidence and not viewed any further.

Because she had taken the credit card information, without the effective consent of the cardholder, officers placed her under arrest for Credit Card Abuse.  Prior to the officers searching the suspect, she advised she had “meth” and a syringe in her right front pocket.  Incident to arrest, Officers found a syringe, a small pink metal container labeled “Hottie”.  The container was later opened and found to contain a small plastic baggie of a crystal like substance.  The substance was tested presumptive positive and weighed (0.3 grams).  Officers also found a stack of papers consisting of American Express credit card statements belonging to the reporting party as well as six blank checks from account number

Because Ms. Faletau was in possession of methamphetamine and unsigned checks that did not belong to her, the charges of Possession of Substance in Penalty Group 1 (<1 gram) and six counts of Stealing or Receiving Stolen Check or Similar Sight Order were added.