DFW Crime Reports: April 23 – April 30

Public Intoxication

April 23, 10: 30 p.m.

Two officers were dispatched to Gate A-11 in reference to an intoxicated 70 year white male. Upon arrival, officers observed a white male fitting the description of the suspect sitting in a wheelchair next to the AA counter. An American Airlines employee told officers the white male was removed from a flight that was in route to Wichita, KS because he was stumbling over other passengers and was having a hard time keeping his balance. The employee said she and another AA employee assisted the suspect in walking off of the plane, then assisted him to a wheelchair and pushed him to the gate area.

Officers identified the suspect and asked him for his driver’s license. The suspect was fumbling with his wallet and was having a hard time removing the license. Officers reported the suspect appeared to be disoriented and confused. After a few more attempts the suspect was finally able to remove his license and hand it to the officers.

The suspect asked officers if they could assist him to a cab. Officers asked the suspect how he got to the airport, and he said his wife dropped him off. Officer asked the suspect if his wife would be able to come pick him up and he said, “No.” He was traveling alone. Upon speaking to the suspect, the officers could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Officers asked the suspect how much did he have to drink and he said, “A few Martinis.” The suspect said he had drinks in DFW Airport, however was not able to tell officers the locations. The suspect’s eyes were glossy and his speech was slurred. When asked to stand up, the suspect stumbled forward and was having a hard time keeping his balance, to the point where the officers had to hold him up to keep him from falling. Because the suspect was a danger to himself and others, he was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.

Burglary of a Motor Vehicle

April 25, 1:30 p.m.

An officer was dispatched to AA Cargo at 1816 North Service Road in response to a call regarding a burglary of a vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim, who advised his vehicle, a 2012 gray-in-color Toyota Tundra had been burglarized. The victim advised at approximately 1:30, he traveled to his vehicle which was parked towards the north end of the AA Cargo lot when he saw his driver door open.

The victim stated the door closed and he made eye contact with the person in his vehicle. The victim advised the person immediately jumped out of the vehicle and got into the passenger side of a maroon-in-color sedan or coupe which was parked in the space right next to it toward the east. The victim stated the vehicle turned northbound on North Service Road and left the scene. The victim advised he called 911 to report the burglary and then checked his vehicle. The victim stated tools were stolen from the back seat of his vehicle. The victim advised he left his vehicle unlocked with the keys inside of it.

The officer asked the victim to describe the suspects and the suspect vehicle. The victim advised the person in his car was a Hispanic male, approximately 30 years old, short in stature, short haircut, with a goatee and mustache, wearing a black coat, no visible scars, marks or tattoos. The victim did not get a good look at the driver and all he could tell was it was a Hispanic male.

The victim advised the following items were missing;

Porter Cable brand nail gun ($100)

Bostich brand finish nailer ($75)

Campbell Housefield brand air compressor ($80)

Dewalt brand drill ($125)

Dewalt case with screwdriver fittings ($15)

The victim advised he did not have any serial numbers for these tools. The officer gave the victim his email address and advised him to email him if he was able to locate any in his records. The victim advised he desired prosecution for Theft.

The officer then traveled to the office of the manager of AA Cargo Services. The manager had access to security cameras on the exterior of the building. The officer checked camera footage during the timeline of the theft and was unable to locate anything caught on camera. The officer observed the closest camera with a viewpoint of the victim’s truck did not capture where his vehicle was, and he could not locate any vehicles driving through the area that matched the description of the suspect vehicle.

The officer checked the suspect vehicle license plate through NCIC. The vehicle was listed as a purple-in-color 2003 Lexus 4D and a check on the address listed revealed it to be the address of a drug addiction treatment center in Fort Worth. An offense report for Burglary of a Motor Vehicle was generated.

Driving While Intoxicated

April 27, 3 a.m.

Dispatch advised a subject who was at the South Toll Plaza (3520 S. International Parkway) exit lane # 032 trying to exit, but the attendant would not lift the arm gate up for the driver due to the attendant believing the driver was intoxicated. Prior to officers’ arrival, dispatch advised the driver was in a silver Lincoln.

Two officers located the vehicle at said location and observed a Hispanic male sitting in the driver’s seat. Officers activated the overhead lights and then turned it off to gain the driver’s attention. Officers then exited their vehicle, approached the driver side of the suspect vehicle and made contact with the driver. The moment officers made contact with the driver, they could smell the odor of alcohol emitting from the vehicle. Officers noted the driver had his right hand on the ignition appearing to not know what to do. Officers then instructed him to turn the vehicle off.

Officers asked the driver to exit the vehicle and walk to the rear of his vehicle. As the driver exited, officers noted he swayed while walking toward the rear of his vehicle. Officers asked the driver where he was coming from and he advised “Grapevine.” Officers asked what was going on in Grapevine and the driver advised he was “having a good time”. The driver advised he was having some drinks with friends. Officers asked him how many drinks did he have, and he said 4 or 5 drinks. The driver advised he was drinking Hooter’s beer “big boys”. The driver then informed officers that he might have had 5 or 6 drinks. The driver advised he started drinking at 8, and appeared not to understand the questions being asked of him. Officers had to redirect him multiple times to face them while they spoke to him. Officers asked the driver what time was his last drink, and he replied back saying 9, 10, 11. Officers asked him what time was his first drink and he replied back saying 9, 10, 11. The driver then advised he had “too many drinks”.

Officers then conducted the Standardized Field Sobriety Test. Officers ensured the front facing emergency lights were turned off on all patrol vehicles that were on scene in order to prevent any interference or distractions during the test. Officers asked the driver if he had any head injuries, which he stated he did not, he was also not on any medication, did not take drugs, was not epileptic and not diabetic. The first test administered was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. Officers noted the driver had equal pupil size. The driver refused to complete the rest of the test.

The second test administered was the Walk and Turn. Officers attempted to get the driver in the ready position, but he refused to comply saying “I am an old man”. Officers attempted to get the driver to complete the test but he would not comply. The third test administered was the One Leg Stand. Officers fully explained and demonstrated the test, then asked the driver if he understood the instructions and he stated yes. He also said, “It’s gonna hurt.” The driver then said, “Come on, take my car, and let’s go.”

During the officers’ contact with the driver, they continued to smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from or about his person. The driver was operating a motor vehicle, in a public place and officers believed he did not have the normal use of his mental and physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol, drugs, dangerous drugs, a controlled substance or two or more of these substances into the body. The driver was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated.

Fraudulent Identification

April 27, 10:30 a.m.

Three officers were dispatched to Terminal C, TSA Checkpoint C-10 in reference to a passenger having multiple ID’s with different information. Upon arrival, the officers spoke to a TSA Agent, who stated a male passenger entered the checkpoint without any identification. The suspect had a boarding pass for an American Airlines flight departing from Terminal C, gate 10 at 11:05 a.m.

The TSA Agent stated TSA was able to verify the suspect’s identity through another type of verification process called IVCC (identity verification call center). The TSA Agent stated because the suspect’s identity had to be confirmed through IVCC, he was selected for secondary screening. The TSA Agent stated during the additional screening process, he noticed an extra pair of shoes inside of the suspect’s backpack, and located 2 different Texas driver’s licenses with different DL numbers, addresses and birth dates inside of the extra pair of shoes.

Officers had DPS Communications check the numbers associated with the 2 Texas driver’s licenses. The information received from the check confirmed the Texas DLs the suspect had in his possession were fraudulent. Officers had DPS Communications run the suspect by name and date of birth. DPS Communication was able to get a return for the suspect, and he did not have any wants/warrants. Officers had DPS Communication’s email a photo of the suspect’s TX DL photo to confirm identity.

Officers walked over and asked the suspects if the TX DLs were fake. The suspect stated “Yes”. Officers asked the suspect where he got them from. The suspect stated he filled out a form online and got them in College Station. Due to the suspect being in possession of the fraudulent TX DLs he was placed under arrest.

Officers escorted the suspect to the public side at entry C-10. As officers were searching the suspect’s bag prior to transport, they located an additional fraudulent TX DL that was identical to the 3 fraudulent TX DLs in his possession. Officers also located a pill bottle, with no label, containing 6 small white pills and 3 small white pills inside of a separate baggie, inside of the pill bottle. Officers called Texas Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 and spoke to the pharmacist, who advised the 6 small white pills were Concerta 36mg Methylphenidate. The 3 small white pills that were inside of the baggie, inside of the pill bottle, were Dexmethylphenidate Hydrochloride 90mg. The additional charge of Drugs/Narcotics, a Class A Misdemeanor was added and the jail was notified.

Unauthorized Use of Vehicle

April 28, 3 a.m.

Two officers responded to the Rental Car Center (2424 E 38th St DFW Airport, TX 75261) Parking lot concerning a suspicious circumstance regarding three black males and one black female with backpacks walking around the back side of the upper level of the Hertz parking lot looking inside vehicles. DFW Communications advised subjects are possibly trying to leave the parking lot and steal a vehicle.

Officers arrived on scene, and while looking for the suspects, they observed three black males and a black female walking inside the rental car lobby matching the description given by DFW Communications (three black males and one black female, wearing a grey hoodie with at least two of them with backpacks walking together). The officers followed the individuals inside the lobby and made contact with one of the four suspects.

Suspect #1 stated he and three of his friends had arrived from Colorado earlier that morning. Officers asked Suspect #1 what he and his friends were doing in the parking lot looking into vehicles. The suspect stated they were checking out vehicles to see if they were nice, because they were planning on renting one the following day. Suspect #1 stated he and his friends arrived at the Rental Car Center by the shuttle bus from one of the terminals, which one he could not remember. Officers asked Suspect #1 if he had any ID, and he stated he did not.

Five additional officers arrived on scene to assist.

A Hertz Rental Car employee arrived and stated she was working at exit gate #1 when she spotted and stopped Suspect #2 who was attempting to drive off of the rental car parking lot with a grey in color 2018 Dodge Charger. When the employee asked Suspect #2 for the Rental Agreement he could not provide the employee with one. The employee stated she did not notice anyone else in the vehicle with the suspect. The employee stated when she stopped Suspect #2, she asked for his driver’s license to verify if he had in fact rented the vehicle. The employee stated Suspect #2 told her that he did not have his driver’s license, and that he had left it with his mom. The employee also conveyed that Suspect #2 told her he was a platinum member, which the employee immediately identified as being false, because Hertz platinum members know to use their special privileges they must have their driver’s license along with a Hertz platinum folder. The Hertz manager later stated to officers that a Hertz platinum member would have a Hertz platinum folder with their name on it for a vehicle reservation.

While on scene another, Hertz employee stated he witnessed the four suspects looking into cars prior to officers’ arrival. After speaking with the employees, officers made contact with Suspect #2 for further investigation. The suspect stated he was not trying to drive off the parking lot with any vehicle. The suspect stated he noticed a vehicle was turned on but did not want to say who turned on the vehicle, because he did not want to “snitch”. Officer stated to Suspect #2 that an employee witnessed him trying to drive off the parking lot. The suspect then stated “I don’t want to say anything, because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble.”

Upon presentation of evidence by a credible witness of a felony offense Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, at the conclusion of the officers’ investigation it was determined that Suspect #2 was going to be placed under arrest for Unauthorized Use of Vehicle. Officers instructed the suspect to turn around and put his hands behind his back. The suspect was hesitant in doing so and took off running. As he took off running, he tripped and fell, got back up and continued running. Four officers were then in a foot pursuit for the suspect. Officers were able to catch up to the suspect as he tried running out of an exit door and were able to grab the back hood of the suspect’s sweater and pushed the suspect to the ground.

The suspect was searched while he was on the ground, taken into custody and placed under arrest for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Due to the suspect’s attempt to intentionally flee from uniformed Police Officers, he was also charged with Evading Arrest. Suspect #1 and the other two suspects were released on scene.

Manufacture or Delivery of Substance

April 29, 1 a.m.

Two officers were on routine patrol when they observed a black Chevrolet Tahoe traveling Northbound in the 4200 block of North International Pkwy with no visible license plate light. Officers followed the vehicle until it exited North International Pkwy to Terminal E where they initiated a traffic stop at 2706 Terminal E, upper roadway.

Officers approached the vehicle, which was occupied by the driver, the front seat passenger, two juveniles in the middle passenger seats and a rear seat passenger. After making initial contact with the driver and briefly speaking to him about why the traffic stop was conducted, officers noted they could smell the odor of marijuana emitting from the passenger side of the vehicle. Officers called for an additional unit to help assist with a search, then asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and up onto the sidewalk. Officers asked the driver if he had any contraband or weapons on him. The driver reported he had a butterfly knife in his front pocket. Officers frisked the driver for weapons and removed the knife from his pocket.

Officers then asked the front passenger to step out of the passenger seat and onto the sidewalk. As the passenger exited the vehicle, officers could smell the odor of marijuana emitting about her person. Officers asked the front passenger if she had any weapons or contraband on her person, and she said no. Officers asked the passenger to remove her purse from her arm and frisked her for weapons. Officers found no weapons. Officers then searched her purse where they found a black and silver vape pen. Officers asked if it contained any THC oils, and the front passenger said no.

Officers then asked the rear passenger to get out of the vehicle and step onto the side walk. Officers asked the rear passenger if she had any weapons or contraband, she said no. Officers frisked the rear passenger for weapons and found none. Officers requested the passenger have her children exit, so they could conduct a search of the vehicle and the juveniles needed to be removed and taken care of for the time being. The rear passenger went to the vehicle to remove the juveniles where she waited with them on the sidewalk while officers began the search.

On the floorboard beneath the driver seat, officers located small flakes of a brown and green leafy substance and one larger piece of the same brown and green leafy substance which were believed to be marijuana under the driver seat. In between the two middle passenger seats where the two juveniles had been sitting, officers found eleven silver and amber vape pens with a label that read “70% THC” on them beneath a pile of trash. On the floorboard beneath the front passenger seat, officers found a white plastic bag containing a brown and green leafy substance which was believed to be marijuana. Officers seized the larger piece of brown and green leafy substance from under the driver seat, the 11 vape pens from the middle passenger seat, and the bag of brown and green leafy substance from the front passenger seat.

Officers asked the driver about the flakes of green leafy substance under the driver seat and he stated he knew nothing about it. Officers asked who the eleven Silver and amber vape pens belonged to and the rear passenger stated they belonged to her. She also stated she bought them in Austin, TX from a legal shop, and they did not actually contain THC. The rear passenger said that she bought them for $5 each, and she in turn sells them at her t-shirt shop which is located in Ft. Worth, TX. Officers asked the front passenger about the white plastic bag of marijuana found on the floorboard of the seat she had been sitting in. She said she knew nothing about it, and it was not hers.

The front passenger had custody and control of the marijuana, which had been directly at her feet and within her reach. The front passenger was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana. The rear passenger admitted to knowingly possessing with the intent to deliver (sell in her store) the eleven vape pens containing THC oil, which is listed as a substance in Penalty Group 2. While officers searched the front passenger prior to arrest, the rear passenger was placed in custody for Manufacture or Delivery of Substance in Penalty Group 2. The two passengers were placed in the patrol car and taken to jail. The driver was released with a warning for the license plate light and took custody of the children.


April 29, 10:30 p.m.

Two officers responded to the Belt Line DART Station at 3900 Valley View Ln. for a report of a possible stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, officers met with the victim, who said he parked (backed in) his silver 2006 Saturn Vue at the Belt Line DART station at approximately 9:30 a.m. hours on 4/29/2018 and rode the DART Train to Terminal A.

The victim advised he works at Rio Mambo in Terminal D. The victim said when he arrived back at the Belt Line DART Station at approximately 10: 30 p.m., he searched for his vehicle but could not find it. The victim said he parks his vehicle in the same area of the parking lot every time he goes to work. The victim pointed out some broken auto glass with tint in the area where he remembered parking his car, and said he believes the tint matches the amount of tint he had on the back door windows of his car.

The victim advised he bought the vehicle approximately 4 weeks prior from Cares Auto Remarketing at 1405 N. Union Bower St. in Irving, TX for $1,500. He also advised there was $260 cash and an older Apple iPod (worth approximately $30) in the center console of the vehicle. The total value of everything stolen is approximately $1,790. The victim did not have the serial number available for his iPod. Officers advised the victim to retrieve it, if possible, and send them an email so it could be entered into NCIC as stolen. The victim said his vehicle has a large crack on the windshield that extends from the middle right to the lower left corner and noticeable paint scratches on the left front bumper. The victim believes these defects may be able to help identify the vehicle. The back left window may also be missing or broken, because of the tinted auto glass that was found around the parking spot.

Because the victim’s vehicle, cash, and iPod were unlawfully appropriated (without his effective consent) with the intent to deprive him of his property, an offense report was generated for Theft.