DFW Crime Reports: 5/28 – 5/31

Possession of Marijuana

May 28, 2 a.m.

An officer was patrolling the area of 3500 South Service when he observed a black Mercury Marquis with only one working license plate light, and the other light was a blue color, which did not emit enough light for the officer to be able to read the license plate. As the officer drove closer to the vehicle, he observed the license plate expired on May 7.

The officer conducted a traffic stop in the 3800 block of South Service. The officer met the driver and introduced himself as a police officer with DFW Airport. The officer advised the driver the reason for the traffic stop was due to the violations he observed. The odor of marijuana began to emit from the inside of the vehicle. The driver was leaned forward as if she was trying to obstruct the officer’s view of something inside the vehicle. The officer observed a cigar wrapper in the cup-holder, which is common with marijuana consumption. The officer advised the driver he could smell the marijuana inside the vehicle and asked where it was located. The driver stated there was a “roach” located inside the ash tray.

Two officers arrived on scene to assist. Officers asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. Officers conducted a pat down of the driver’s outer clothing for weapons and contraband, which came back negative. Officers began searching the driver side of the vehicle. Located inside the ashtray in between the front seats was a smoked blunt cigarette which contained a green leafy substance, which was believed to be marijuana.

One officer opened the glove box and located a glass jar. As they removed the jar from the glove box, the smell of marijuana began to become stronger. Located inside the glass jar was a clear plastic baggy which contained a green leafy substance which was believed to be marijuana.

Officers advised the driver that due to there being a usable amount of marijuana inside the vehicle, she was being placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana.

Assault Bodily Injury

May 28, 6:10 p.m.

An officer was dispatched to Terminal D Customs Secondary in reference to an assault. Upon arrival the officer met the victim, who stated a passenger assaulted him by pushing him in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground.

The victim stated he works for Prospect, and his job is to check passengers’ receipts as they come through the clear line to see if they are free to exit or need to see a Customs Officer. The victim stated he asked a passenger if he could see his receipt, and the passenger became upset and started yelling. The victim stated he tried to explain to the passenger who he was and even showed the passenger his SIDA Badge. The victim stated the passenger began walking away to exit the Customs area, and the victim then walked in front of the passenger, held his arm out and told him, “you cannot exit until I see your receipt.”

The victim stated the passenger grabbed his arm and pushed him to the ground. The victim stated when the passenger grabbed his arm, he shoved it back into his chest, and that he felt pain from the shove as well as the fall. The victim requested to see DFW EMS. The victim was advised by medics to be transported to the hospital, but he refused.

Officers then met with the passenger who was inside the Customs Office. Officers asked the passenger what happened as he was coming through the customs line. The passenger stated he came though the clear line and was approached by a man wearing a suit who asked to see his receipt. The passenger stated he didn’t know who the guy was, because he was not wearing a Customs Uniform and he stated the guy had no right to stop him. The passenger stated the victim stepped in front of him and put his arm out to prevent him from walking away. The passenger stated he grabbed the victim’s arm and moved it to the side so he could exit. The passenger stated he did not push the victim and that his falling was an “act.” Customs cameras were able to capture the incident, which the officer was able to view after interviewing both parties that matched what the victim stated.

Due to the fact the passenger intentionally grabbed the victim’s arm, pushed his arm into the victim’s chest and pushed him backwards causing the victim to fall to the ground, resulting in the victim injuring his chest which caused pain, an offense report for Assault Bodily Injury was completed. The passenger was not arrested for the assault due to the fact the offense did not happen in the officer’s presence and there was no threat of any further violence.

Public Intoxication

May 28, 8:45 p.m.

Four officers were dispatched to Terminal E, Public Side, Lower Level, Gate 2 for a DFS employee who was intoxicated and refused to leave work. Officers arrived on scene and observed two females putting headgear on a mannequin in the DFS Offices. Officers observed one female who was very unsteady on her feet. Officers made contact with the female, and when she turned around, she nearly fell due to not being able to maintain her balance. The female’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Officers requested a chair for her to sit in, so she did not fall and get hurt. Officers asked the female if she had been drinking, and she stated she had not. There was a bit of a language barrier with her.

Officers asked the female if she was taking any prescription medication, and she stated she was not. DFS supervisors walked toward the officers with a 750 Milliliter bottle of “One Vodka.” The bottle appeared to be half empty. Officers asked the female if there was anyone she could call to come and pick her up. The female would not respond to officers’ questions and appeared to be lost in thought. Officers asked the female why her screen was cracked on her phone, and it sounded as if she broke it at some point today.

Due to the female being intoxicated in a public place, unable to stand on her own, unable to answer simple investigative questions, and her being unable to contact anyone to take custody of her; she was placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.

Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence

May 29, 2 p.m.

Five officers responded to the 3200 block of W. Airfield Drive in reference a domestic in progress. Dispatch informed officers the reporting party was a female in a parked blue Honda. The female currently had the vehicle doors locked to keep her husband from getting inside. The female advised her husband had hit her in the arm and tried to hit her in the head.

Officers arrived on scene, detained (handcuffed) the male and placed him inside their squad car. The female victim was still with her vehicle. The victim stated she had picked up her husband from Terminal D to take him to his current residence in Euless, TX. The victim advised her husband is staying at this current residence, because they are having marital problems. The victim stated her husband had an extramarital affair, and they were arguing about it as they were driving on W. Airfield Drive.

According to the victim, the argument resulted in her husband hitting her right upper arm with his closed right fist causing her physical pain as she was driving. The victim then pulled over, and parked the vehicle at its current location. The victim stated she then ordered her husband out of her vehicle, and to walk home. The victim stated her husband twisted her right forearm with both of his hands causing physical pain. The victim also mentioned her husband pulling her hair during the assault. Officers observed light bruising already forming on the victim’s right upper arm, and bruising on her right forearm. The victim stated her husband had never gotten physical with her in their twenty years of marriage.

Officers then spoke with the husband. The husband confirmed the victim’s account of what happened. The husband verbally admitted to causing the bruising to the victim’s right arm, but did not mention pulling her hair. The husband stated he was frustrated after a long flight from London, and the victim accusing him of continuing his extramarital affair. The husband admitted he had lied to the victim about a relationship with a younger woman in the past. The husband denied ever having a sexual affair, but could see the victim believing he was having an emotional affair with the younger woman. The husband added today is his birthday, and he was receiving Facebook birthday wishes. According to the husband, the victim believed the Facebook birthday wishes were her husband continuing with his extramarital affair.

The husband was advised of the Miranda Warning. The husband stated he understood his legal rights, and agreed to continue with our interview. The husband declined the officers’ offer to write a Voluntary Statement saying he just wanted to give a verbal statement. The husband again admitted to assaulting and causing the bruising to the victim. The husband had earlier told us the victim had struck him knocking his glasses off. Officers suggested the victim had knocked the husband’s glasses off as she was defending herself during the assault. The husband agreed with the officers’ suggestion.

Based on the victim’s accusations, the husband confirming the victim’s accusations and officers’ observations at the scene (the victim’s bruised right arm) it was determined the husband had physically assaulted the victim, his wife. The husband was then placed under arrest for Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence. The husband was transported, and booked into the Station One Jail without incident.

Public Intoxication

May 29, 8 p.m.

Two officers were notified by DFW Communications of two irate black males who were possibly intoxicated at Terminal E Entry E20. Upon their arrival, another officer was already speaking with both males and advised Spirit Airlines called the Police again due to their irate behavior.

The officer on scene advised one of the males was seen slamming a suitcase on the ground and yelling. Officers observed the two males were the same individuals they had spoken to earlier in the day. At the time, officers informed both males if they did not calm down and change their behavior, someone would end up calling the Police again. One of the males was reasonably composed, at the time, and understood the situation. The first male informed officers the other male passenger with him (his brother) is on medications and he would keep him calm.

This time, the first male was visibly upset and was crying. The man told officers they had been drinking beer (Bud Light) today and started drinking around 2 p.m. The man stated he had four drinks and changed his answer to say they started drinking at 7 p.m. Officers observed the man drop something and had some difficulty picking it up. During the conversation with the man his mood changed several times. He changed from being very emotional and crying, to being angry and yelling at his brother, to being happy and calm. The man’s mood continued to cycle through these changes. As the man spoke, officers could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. The man told officers he lives with his brother in Ohio.

Officers spoke with the second male, and he told officers he was drinking with the first male and had consumed three beers. Officers asked the second man if he was taking any medications. The second man advised he is not taking medications. The second man had a visible white paste collecting in the corners of his mouth and spoke with a thick tongue. The second man fumbled with items in his wallet, dropped items at times, and was unsteady on his feet. As the second man spoke, officers could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.

A Spirit Airlines representative advised they would not be flying them and issued refunds to both males. Officers asked both males if they knew anyone in the area that could come pick them up immediately. They advised they did. Officers asked the first male again how long ago he was drinking. The first man stated he consumed one beer one hour before coming to the airport and drank three beers at noon. They travelled outside to the curb, and the second man attempted to contact someone to pick them up. These efforts produced negative results. The first man became irate and made angry statements about the airline. The first man began to argue with his brother.

Officers believed both men were a danger to themselves or others due to their level of intoxication in a public place, emotional and confused states, reports of irate conduct including escalation in anger, and no responsible party in the area for them to be released to. Officers told both men they were under arrest for Public Intoxication. Both males were placed in handcuffs. At times both males grew angry and used profanity. They were taken to DPS Station One without further incident.


May 30, 10:45 p.m.

Two officers responded to a report of theft at Terminal B Gate 29.

Officers arrived and made contact with the victim, who told officers that somebody had stolen his black and gray in color backpack out of a company vehicle, which he was driving earlier. The victim said he left his bag containing a pair of sunglasses (Timberland/ $300), a company-issued fueling kit ($1), a headlamp flashlight ($20), a screw driver ($5), and a company-issued jacket ($1) in the back seat of a white in color Allied Aviation company Ford-150 pick-up truck. The victim advised he placed his backpack in the company truck at approximately 8:30 p.m. May 30. The bag was last seen by another Allied Aviation employee at approximately 8:30 p.m. hours May 30 still inside the company truck. The victim indicated the truck was parked on the east side of the airline employee office located at Terminal B Gate 29. Officers observed a camera near this location that may have captured video of the theft. However, the camera was not able to be identified during the investigation. An officer contacted MCR and was advised that the camera could not be located.

The victim said he would like to seek prosecution for the theft if a suspect is identified. An offense report was completed and a report number was provided to the victim. Due to some unknown person taking the victim’s property without his effective consent and with the intent of depriving him of said property, it was determined the offense of Theft had occurred.

Possession of Marijuana

May 31, 1:30 a.m.

Two officers responded to the Bear Creek Golf Course parking lot (3500 Bear Creek Court) in regards to a suspicious vehicle. DFW/DPS Fire Services Truck 44 responded to a water flow alarm at the Bear Creek Golf Course clubhouse and advised DFW/DPS Communications there was a suspicious red vehicle in the parking lot.

Another officer advised Communications via radio the vehicle was not there when she patrolled the area approximately two hours prior. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the occupants of the vehicle. The officers informed the occupants it was suspicious they were at the location at the time of day and asked what they were doing. The driver said she and the passenger had stopped at the location “to talk.” Officers asked the occupants for consent to see their identification, and they agreed.

As the officers leaned down to the driver’s side window to grab the driver’s licenses, they smelled the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Officers asked the occupants if they had ever taken any drugs before and both said they had not. Officers further clarified and asked if they had smoked marijuana before, and they said they had not. Officers informed both occupants that they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the car, and both individuals said they had no marijuana in the car. Officers requested both occupants exit the vehicle to conduct a probable cause search based on the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle.

Officers began searching on the front passenger side of the vehicle and immediately noticed flakes of a green leafy substance that was believed to be marijuana on the front passenger seat and floorboard. Because both individuals were not honest with the officers initially and because of the passenger’s athletic build, officers detained both individuals in handcuffs, because officers believed they may try to flee. Officers searched the passenger and found that he had a cigarette with the same green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in his left sock. The cigarette had fallen out of his sock onto the ground. Officers found no other contraband on the passenger and no contraband on the driver. Officers continued searching the vehicle and found no other contraband.

Because the passenger of the vehicle knowingly possessed a usable quantity of marijuana, he was placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana. The passenger was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle and transported to DPS Station 1 Jail without incident. Because the driver informed officers the vehicle was hers, the vehicle was released to her.