DFW & CLT Continues to be Top Airline’s Hub During Pandemic

American Airlines reported major losses, because of the COVID-19 pandemic in October. Despite the losses caused by the pandemic, the airline said Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) are their best performing hubs.

In the third quarter, which lasted three months and ended on Sept. 30, American Airlines had a net loss of $2.4 billion. At the same time of year in 2019, the airline’s net income was reported to be $425 million.

Also during the month of October in 2019, American Airlines had an average of 672 daily departures from CLT. This October, the average of daily departures is down to only 481.

Through the CARES Act Program, the federal government loaned American Airlines $5.5 billion, but after the CARES Act Payroll Support and employee protections came to an end last month, American Airlines furloughed over 10,000 employees. At least 19,000 employees were furloughed starting on Oct. 1, and 20,000 employees began an early retirement or long term leave. Of the 12,000 people employed at CLT before the pandemic 900 have been furloughed.

The number of airline passengers dropped significantly in March and April when the COVID-19 pandemic first began. However the amount of passengers has been increasing in the past few months. CLT had more than a million passengers depart in August, and in September CLT had 1.2 million passengers depart from the airport.

American Airlines has also launched a new travel tool that will allow passengers to check their destination’s travel guidelines. CLT has also launched a new travel tool that allows customers to check the length of wait times for services like security checkpoints.