DFW Airport, American Airlines Announce Plans for Terminal F

By Ariel Graham | DFW Newsflash | May 2019

A brand new terminal is coming to DFW Airport.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and American Airlines officially announced plans to construct a sixth terminal, Terminal F, during the 2019 State of the Airport address, held at the Hyatt Regency Airport Hotel on Monday, May 20.

During the address, Sean Donohue, CEO of DFW Airport, spoke about the airport’s rapid economic growth and technological advancements the airport has seen in the past few years.

“The theme today is looking ahead, and as I look into the future, I can tell you the future looks bright,” Donohue said. “In 2019 and 20, we expect to grow faster than we have in the past 20 years. The majority of that growth is the result of American Airlines. It is critical to understand and appreciate the tremendous commitment that American has shown to DFW Airport and the region.”

In anticipation of even more growth, Donohue made a surprise announcement.

“You’ve probably heard about the discussions between DFW and American,” Donohue said. “These discussions have set the stage for the future foundation and planning for DFW over the next 45 years. We want to provide a world class customer experience for millions of customers. We want to provide safe and efficient operations that make DFW a good business partner for our airlines. We want to provide infrastructure that allows the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth to compete with other international businesses. So supporting these goals, I’m delighted to announce that DFW and American Airlines plan to build a sixth terminal at DFW.

“We still have joint planning and design work to accomplish, and we’ve yet to finalize our business agreement. But we’re committed to a three to three and a half billion dollar investment to build Terminal F and also renovate Terminal C.”

The new Terminal F will be located just south of Terminal D, where an outdoor parking lot is currently located. It will have the capacity for up to 24 domestic and international flights, depending on demand from passengers and the airlines. Donohue said construction would probably not begin for another two years as both teams are working to finalize the agreement and the design for the terminal, but he expects the terminal to be open by 2025 at the earliest.

Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines, said the new terminal will help to not only expand DFW Airport, but also expand American operations as well.

“This is an exciting day for American and our more than 31,000 team members who call Dallas-Fort Worth home,” Parker said. “The plans we’re announcing today will allow for the continued growth of DFW and ensure the airport remains a premier gateway for American for many more years to come.”

In addition to the brand-new Terminal F, Terminal C will also be receiving some renovations similar to the renovation projects the airport recently undertook with Terminals A, B and E. The renovations will include a redesigned check-in areas, larger security checkpoints, expanded concessions spaces, and improved lighting and flooring, according to a DFW Airport press release.

Betsy Price, mayor of Fort Worth, said the improvements to Terminal C are greatly needed.

“Remember, this isn’t just a new terminal,” Price said. “This is a renovation of Terminal C, too. We have huge traffic through C, and we get more complaints about C than anything. This is a real win for the traveling public, to renovate C and then you have a beautiful new terminal too.”

Price is also looking forward to the new terminal and the continued growth of DFW Airport and American Airlines.

“We look forward to accommodating the continued growth of our city and the region through infrastructure improvements and expansion at DFW Airport,” Price said. “We’re glad to see DFW’s anchor carrier, American Airlines, headquartered in Fort Worth, collaborate with the Airport to take this area to new heights. This new terminal will further fuel economic development and job growth in our region.”

You can view video of the announcement below: