Delta selected as a ‘Top-Rated Workplace by Millennials’

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | June 2018 has recognized Delta as one of the “Top-Rated Workplaces: Best by Millennials” according to its database of over 72 million company ratings and reviews from employees. Delta ranked No. 4 on the list that included a wide range of industries from security to finance, health care, technology and more. The common traits linking top rated companies were all high-priority qualities for millennial job seekers, such as opportunities for growth, commitment to making a positive impact, flexible work environments, prioritization of health and family, and student loan assistance.

“Millennials now represent the largest segment in the broader US workforce, and what I find unique about Delta is that millennials have the opportunity to learn from and work alongside five generations here every day,” said Jennifer Carpenter, Delta’s Vice President – Global Talent Acquisition. “Not only do we strive to deliver an exceptional employee experience that mirrors our commitment to do the same for our customers, but cross-generational teams create incredible learning opportunities that help all climb in their careers.”

“It turns out what really matters is how an organization will help them learn, grow and further their careers,” said Indeed in its blog. “Companies that put community and employee values first can expect to receive high ratings from this large portion of the labor force.”

SOURCE Delta News Hub