Dance Crew Busts Move in DFW Airport to Cheer Up Stuck Passengers [VIDEO]

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Sometimes a delayed flight gets you a free concert.

The Funkywunks, a dance crew that was on NBC’s ‘World of Dance’, were flying from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Orlando.  “Our flight kept getting pushed back 30 minutes,” they told, “so many times that we knew we’d be there for a while.”


Instead of letting that ruin their day, they decided to help cheer up their fellow passengers with some amazing moves. “One of the members started joking around about performing,” they said. “We all laughed but then started encouraging the idea.”

The group told that everyone loved their surprise performance and that you could feel the whole mood in the room change. “A few people recognized us from ‘World of Dance’ Season 2 on NBC,” they said. “We were happy to be able to bring smiles to everyone’s faces; that’s always our goal when we perform.”

Before they went sky high, this dance crew had to get down!

Check out video of the crew’s performance below: