Dallas Park Board Rejects Fines for People Feeding Birds Near Love Field

Thursday, the Dallas Parks & Recreation Board decided not to fine people up to $200 for feeding ducks or other birds at Bachman Lake Park beside Love Field.

The park sits along Northwest Highway at the north end of the airport.

City aviation officials said people feeding birds encourages more birds to come to the park, potentially in the direct path of planes.

Love Field reported 180 bird strikes in 2017. That was up dramatically from 2016, when only 18 were reported.

Officials said that could be the result of rapidly expanding construction at the airport or a greater awareness of bird strikes — but either way, they do not want to reduce the threat of bird strikes.

But Park Board Members said the Aviation Department has not done enough to educate people about the issue. Members said they do not want to discourage people from using Bachman Lake Park by imposing such large fines for something that many people do not know to be a problem.

Instead the Aviation Director agreed to consider paying for a full time Park Ranger who would primarily encourage people not to feed birds.

Larger signs will be put up to discourage the practice and Park officials will increase patrols in the area.

The Park Board agreed to study the issue and reconsider fines in the future if problems continue.