Credit Card Skimmer Located in Fort Worth

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | October 2019

Commissioner Sid Miller and the Texas Department of Agriculture would like all Texans to be aware one or more fuel pump credit card skimmers have been found.

The device was located at the following location on Friday, October 18th:

Metro Mart (Valero)
3849 Alta Mesa Blvd
Ft. Worth, TX 76133

TDA inspectors found three skimmers on pump #5 and #7 after receiving a complaint. The Ft. Worth Police Department was notified for removal of the devices.

If paying at the pump with a credit card, these tips might help you avoid becoming a victim of a gas pump skimmer:

• Use pump closest to storefront, in line of sight for store personnel
• Before pumping, check for unusual bluetooth signals with ID of string of numbers and letters; might be a skimmer
• Check that security tape on pump cabinet has not been damaged. Torn tape might indicate cabinet opened without store personnel’s knowlege
• Safest bet is to pay inside with cash
• Always save the receipt and monitor your bank statements after filling up.
• If you think you’ve been skimmed, contact 1-800-TELL-TDA and we will send an inspector to check it out.

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) looks for illegal credit card skimmers as part of our consumer protection responsibilities for over 400,000 fuel pumps statewide. If a skimmer device is suspected or found, TDA will contact local law enforcement authorities for removal of the device and subsequent criminal investigation.

Consumers are encouraged to be aware at the fuel pump. If the credit card scanner looks like it has been tampered with, move to another pump or pay inside. If you notice fraudulent charges on your account, contact your financial institution immediately.

To make a complaint about a fuel pump, please contact TDA at 800-TELL-TDA.

SOURCE: Texas Department of Agriculture