CIMC creates world’s first unmanned jet boarding bridge

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | January 2018

SHENZHEN, China,  — China International Marine Containers (Group) Co. (CIMC) has developed the world’s first unmanned intelligent boarding bridge, which is set to go into large-scale operation in the Netherlands’ Schiphol Airport by the end of 2019.

When the bridge comes into use, the operator need only install the program in the system and press the remote execution button, whereupon, the passenger boarding bridge automatically berths with aircraft doors, reducing the docking process to one minute from the current three minutes, thus raising the airport’s efficiency and reducing operating costs, as reported.

The movable gangway also comes with a data management function which can intelligently analyze abnormalities to predict the failure of the jetway in advance and assist managers in maintaining and operating it, a source with CIMC said.

CIMC and Schiphol, a major hub which serves Amsterdam, signed the first order contract for the jet bridge in October. Airports from Norway, France and the Middle East have also showed great interest.

Founded in 1980, CIMC is a state-owned Chinese-foreign joint venture specialized in shipping containers, road transport and airport equipment manufacturing. It is one of the world’s largest container makers.

SOURCE China International Marine Containers (Group) LTD