Cars, Food and Entertainment Star in Supercar Showcase [PHOTOS]

By Caton Berry | DFW Newsflash | October 2019

Irving — The Four Seasons Resort at Las Colinas hosted the Park Place Luxury Supercar Showcase Media Day on Thursday, Sept. 5. Throughout the event, members of the media were invited to sample foods from the Four Seasons’ restaurant LAW and were able to take a short drive behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan or one of several McLarens.

“This is a media preview for the Sept. 28 Park Place Luxury Supercar Showcase,” Diana Plaff, the vice president of marketing and communications for Visit Irving Texas, said. “This is just a sampling of what’s going to happen. It’s kind of a mini version.

“We came on board to sponsor this event two years ago when Park Place was celebrating their 30th anniversary. Park Place is one of our corporate residents, and the Four Seasons is our highest tax revenue generating hotel, so of course we said yes.

“It was originally supposed to be a one and done thing. However, the first event was so well executed and well attended it brought in all kinds of people from outside the city, and we decided to do it again. Last year, it rained, and even with that 3,000 people came out.

“This year, the event is going to be much bigger than it has been in the past two years, and I’m very excited to see what transpires.

“The best part of the event is the cars,” Plaff said. “These types of cars are ones you don’t normally get to see from collector cars to ones from the dealerships. Although I can’t remember the exact number, the total worth of all the cars in this year’s showcase is astronomical. The collector cars are stunning.

“What I love about this event is that it’s multi-faceted. It’s not just about cars. You also have a fashion show. This year, there are going to be store pop-up booths, where people will be able to go shopping. There are going to be kids races with remote control cars, and this is the first year we are having childrens activities. There will be tons of food with food trucks, chefs tastings, and drinks. You can bring the whole family out. It’s a huge event.”

Chef Christof Syre, executive chef for the Four Seasons, enjoys sharing his culinary creations with the public.

“I have two beautiful venues within the hotel, one is called The Outlaw, which is our bar, and the other is called LAW,” Syre said. “LAW is our seafood restaurant, and is an acronym for land, air, and water. These three components are what I want to feature during the car show. I want to roll out new dishes. I want to show anyone coming by to look at the cars that we have beautiful food here at the Four Seasons.

“I’m going to feature three different items. From land, I have the beef bacon, which I think is a new bacon altogether. I glaze that with a chipotle agave and serve it with a barbecue potato salad. The chicken is the air factor. I’ll be serving fried chicken with a buttermilk coleslaw. The last item, featuring water, is the smoked salmon. I coat my smoked salmon with a cocoa powder, I glaze it, and then serve it with a lemon thyme dressing on a piece of lettuce. It’s very nicely refreshing, and beautiful.

“When coming up with the menu, I had to select things relevant to the event,” Syre said. “These things are easy to eat, easy to pick up. I think that is very important, because you don’t want the customers to come around with a knife and fork and have a dining experience. You want them to enjoy the cars, and have a little snack. The snacks, in my mind, need to be super-powerful in flavors.

“It also gives me an opportunity to feature new items we are currently experimenting with in the kitchen. These are items we are considering putting on the menu, and this allows us to get immediate feedback from the clients.”

Ken Schnitzer, chairman of Park Place Dealerships, is proud to be a part of the Supercar Showcase.

“Sometimes you start something, and you are never really sure how it will work out,” Schnitzer said. “Three years ago, we got together to do an event that commemorated our 30 years in North Texas as an automobile dealer. However, we didn’t want to do a traditional marketing campaign.”

Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer feels a personal connection to the Supercar Showcase.

“The city of Irving is so excited to be a participant in this event, along with the Four Seasons and Park Place,” Stopfer said. “Having representatives from Rolls Royce and McLaren is an exciting time.

“I’m an old car guy. I’ve worshipped them since I was ten years old, and I also owned some dealerships for Ford, GM, and Chrysler in South Dakota and Minnesota. For me, it is exciting to see this, because people do have a love for cars. They have a love for quality cars, and the ability to come and see a car that has been stored and maintained over the years, and also to see the craftsmanship and the quality of these vehicles is amazing. The city of Irving looks forward to everyone coming out and enjoying this great event.”

You can view photos from the event below:

Photos by Rodney Moore