American Airlines Wants To Open Two New Gates At Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

American Airlines is bulking up capacity at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The big news is that American will be adding two new gates at DFW’s Terminal E next year. We also know that the plan for the new gates includes some passenger jet bridges. American’s big plan for Dallas/Fort Worth will come with a price tag of $8.9 million.

You may be feeling like you can’t skim headlines about travel news without hearing about some new project at DFW. The project at Terminal E is separate from the other projects that are in the works at the hub. You may know that American Airlines already operates six gates in Terminal E at DFW. Each gate at the hub is currently able to handle around seven arrivals and departures daily.

Much more is planned for American at DFW down the road. American will be building an entirely new 24-gate terminal at DFW in the years to come. The new Terminal F will supposedly open in 2025. However, the board at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has yet to officially approve plans for the $3 billion construction project. That’s not all, updates have been planned for Terminal C, too.

American Airlines recently revealed that it had reached its goal of operating 900 daily flights out of Dallas/Fort Worth. In fact, the bulk of the carrier’s expansion plans for the next decade are focused on DFW. American recently announced new routes to New Zealand, Israel and several other destinations out of DFW.