American Airlines to Retire Fleet of Super 80 Planes

American Airlines announced Tuesday the final revenue flight of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 plane would take place in September.

According to the Dallas Business Journal, American revealed the Super 80 would be retired from the fleet after serving as the carrier’s workhorse plane throughout the 1980s before the airline started flying more Boeing 757’s.

Officials from American revealed there are 26 of the Super 80 planes still in service, which will all be retired on September 4 after flying 17 flights to and from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The last commercial flight with the Super 80 will be from Dallas to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

American is revamping its fleet of planes, especially after agreeing to a deal with Airbus for 50 of the aircraft manufacturer’s new 321XRL design at the Paris Air Show.

When American retires its fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD-80 planes, Delta Air Lines will be the only carrier in the United States which still operates them.

SOURCE: Travel Pulse