American Airlines to Raise Alcohol Prices, Change up Headphone Brand

Airplane passenger

Recently, a number of U.S. airlines have raised various fees and prices for their customers including fees for checked baggage and ticket changes. Now, American Airlines will raise their prices for alcohol on flights for certain passengers. In addition, they’re dropping the Bose brand of in-flight headphones in exchange for a new brand.

A report from Bizjournals on Wednesday (Sept. 26), indicates that passengers in the economy cabin for domestic flights will start seeing the new prices for any alcohol purchased. The new prices go into effect starting on Oct. 1 with all alcoholic beverages rising in price by one US dollar. For example, a beer will now cost $8 instead of $7. Wine and other spirits will go up from $8 to $9 each for passengers.

The new prices are only for American Airlines so far, but it’s believed it could cause competing airlines to raise their prices. Raising the price of these beverages could potentially be a way to help with the rising price of fuel that airlines are paying for. In addition, the price increase is justified by American due to the “broader array of premium brands” of alcohol that now are available on their flights.

Earlier this month, American Airlines increased their checked baggage fees. JetBlue was the first airline to raise their fees while United Airlines and Delta Airlines raised their fees later. According to Uproxx, JetBlue, American Airlines, and United Airlines raised their first bag fees from $25 to $30. Delta raised their first bag fee from $25 to $35. Other airlines, including Alaskan and Hawaiian, have yet to make a change to their checked luggage fees, as of this report.

In addition to the new prices for alcoholic beverages, American Airlines has also decided to ditch their use of Bose headphones for their flights. Starting in the second quarter of 2019, they will now use Bang & Olufsen noise-canceling headphones. The Danish electronics company creates a “highly-regarded” line of products. The move ends a partnership that American had with Bose in order to offer their brand increased exposure. Bang & Olufsen (B&O) will now get that same opportunity, starting in 2019.

SOURCE: Wings Journal