American Airlines Passenger Goes Into Labor Mid-Flight, Gives Birth on Jetway

They decided to name her Lizyana Sky Taylor because, well, why not?

When you enter this world at an airport, what could be more fitting?

A woman gave birth on the jetway at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Wednesday, just moments after American Airlines flight 868 from Tampa had landed.

The Charlotte Fire Department and Medic helped deliver the baby after the mother, Nereida Araujo, told the flight crew just before landing that she felt a pop in her back and her water had broken

“It just happened so quick, she came so fast,” Araujo told WCNC in Charlotte. “I felt the pain and I was like, okay yeah, we need to tell somebody the water broke.”

Fellow passenger Eric Linne told the station, “I’ve never seen anything like that and I’ve been flying for a long time since the 1970s. There was a huge applause. You could just tell people were really happy.”

Araujo said she was 38 weeks but was cleared by her doctor and by American Airlines to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Baby Sky decided to enter the world on a plane,” Araujo wrote on Facebook. “Mommi (sic) handled it well thanks to everybody who assisted us with love & care.”

Giving birth aboard a plane or at an airport is rare, but certainly not unheard of. As recently as February of this year, a woman gave birth on a JetBlue flight from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale. Ironically, the name of the plane was “Born To Be Blue.”

“I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world to have her anywhere else,” Araujo said. “That’s how her future was meant to be.”

SOURCE: Travel Pulse