Air Canada unveils direct flight from DFW Airport to Vancouver

By Ariel Graham | DFW Newsflash | March 2017

Airline passengers wishing to travel from Dallas to Canada now have a new daily option as DFW International Airport and Air Canada announced a direct flight from DFW to Vancouver, British Columbia, on Monday, Feb 6.

Passengers on the inaugural flight were welcomed with a complimentary breakfast and ribbon-cutting ceremony. The flight departed from DFW airport at 7:45 a.m. and arrived at Vancouver International Airport at 10:20 a.m.

Air Canada has long offered DFW passengers direct flights into Canada via Toronto; but Lisa Pierce, Air Canada’s senior director of U.S. sales, says the new flight will allow customers more direct access to the western part of Canada and beyond.

“We’re very excited to expand our network and connect to our other hub in Vancouver,” Pierce said. “Western Canada’s obviously a great destination for business and pleasure and it was an under-served market, so we saw an opportunity to add flights there.

“The New York Times and Lonely Planet have named Canada the number-one destination in the world for 2017,” she said. “This Dallas-Vancouver flight is a gateway to spectacular destinations in British Columbia and Alberta, as well as to our Asian networks in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.”

Milton de la Paz, Vice President for airline relations at DFW airport, described the close relationship between DFW airport and Air Canada.

“We have a time-honored and truly treasured relationship with Air Canada that we have enjoyed since 1976, the longest of all our flagship carriers here at DFW,” de la Paz said. “Over the last year alone, over 2,100 passengers per day have flown between DFW and Canada. Almost two-thirds started or ended their trip in DFW, of which 11 percent traveled to British Columbia. We hope to see these numbers continue to grow with this new service.”

Canadian Consul General Sara Wilshaw spoke on behalf of the Canadian government, touching on the economic ties between Texas and Canada. She expressed hope the new flight would continue to strengthen these ties.

“The links between the DFW region and Canada are strong and increasing, and this [flight] is a sign of that,” Wilshaw said. “Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, this new flight represents new opportunities to collaborate, to explore, and to enhance our people-to-people connections.”

The passengers aboard the inaugural flight were also enthusiastic about the new option. James Johnson, a software engineer from Dallas, travels to British Columbia on business about three times a year. Johnson expressed his pleasure at having a much easier commute to and from home.

“I’ve had to go through different cities previously, but this’ll be pretty nice,” Johnson said. “It’s direct to Vancouver and a short flight, three hours behind the time zone.”

Cody Fielding from Frisco, on the other hand, was traveling strictly for pleasure – a ski trip with friends.

“This is our first time to travel up north that far. We may get up to the Pacific Northwest, but I’ve always wanted to go to Canada,” Fielding said. “[This flight] gives people the opportunity to make it up there a little bit easier without the hassles of stops and having to worry about all the airport issues.”

Meanwhile, Millie Love and her husband were returning home to Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Love said that prior to the new direct flight, their trips into DFW would involve multiple stops, cities, and even modes of transportation.

“We went from Seattle to Chicago, and then we were taking trains after that, but now we’re going home with Air Canada,” Love said. Love added she was excited for a much easier trip not just for herself, but for her sister as well.

“[My sister] lives in Fort Worth, and now she can just come back and forth. She’s 83, and it would be too hard for her to do it otherwise. But now she can do it,” Love said.

In addition to direct service to Vancouver, Air Canada will also be providing a direct flight to Montreal as well. The new service is scheduled to begin in May.”