Southwest and Kendra Scott team up to surprise and delight customers at Austin and Chicago airports

Staff Report | DFW Newsflash | December 2017

Kendra Scott and Southwest Airlines teamed up on November 30 to surprise and delight Customers traveling on Southwest Flight #510 from Austin Bergstrom International Airport to Chicago (Midway).

The two brands were on a mission to #MakeSpiritsBright for a plane full of unsuspecting passengers to lift spirits and share holiday cheer. The events kicked off at Austin Bergstrom International Airport with CEO and Founder Kendra Scott surprising passengers by making the gate announcement as they prepared to board. Her announcement was met with cheers from the crowd, and the fun continued as Kendra handed out goodie bags to Customers as they boarded the flight. Once onboard, Customers enjoyed a round of free drinks, courtesy of Kendra Scott.

Upon touching down in Chicago, Customers were given a golden ticket to head to baggage claim for one final surprise. There, a yellow-clad Santa was waiting for his “bags” and as the carousel started to move indicating the arrival of luggage, giant life-size gift boxes came down the baggage claim belt before any passenger luggage arrived; these boxes were full of goodies, including Kendra Scott jewelry, and Santa passed them out to passengers aboard the flight in hopes of putting a smile on faces for the holiday season.

SOURCE SouthWest Airlines